Yellow Belly herds

A flock of Yellow Bellies

"Yellow Belly" is a term used in The Land Before Time, in reference the theropod dinosaur Beipiaosaurus. The creatures have only appeared in The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends.


Yellow Bellies resemble dodo birds to a degree, being portly, feathered creatures with large beaks and short legs. They come in many different colors, and have long, pennaceous feathers extending from their heads and rears.

The term "Yellow Belly" derives from the very large, colorful stomach of known individuals. It is unknown why the creatures have this characteristic.


Loofah eats Berries

A Yellow Belly, specifically Loofah, eating berries

Yellow Bellies are very laid-back, usually spending their days gorging themselves with berries, which are considered a delicacy by the creatures. When not eating, they spend their time dancing or singing. When threatened by predators, they mimic plants by sticking their rear ends in the air and hiding their extremities.


List of individual Yellow Bellies

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