"We Must Be Brave" is a song sung by Chomper, Ducky, Mutt, Nod, and Petrie in the Land Before Time television series episode "The Great Egg Adventure" when the five characters must carry two eggs away from the Great Valley because they have Fast Biters inside them. The song's name is unofficial, as no official name has been given for it yet.


In the Land Before Time television series episode, "The Great Egg Adventure", Littlefoot, Ducky, Petrie, Chomper, Hyp, Nod, and Mutt decide to carry three eggs away from the Great Valley into the Mysterious Beyond as they contain Fast Biters. Littlefoot soon finds the mother of the eggs and calls out to her so she will follow them and know where her eggs are. As she starts to give chase the children quickly separate into two groups; Ducky, Petrie, Mutt, and Nod make up one of them. As they start to travel towards the mountain they are planning to leave the eggs at Petrie breaks into song, telling them to hurry. As they sing, Petrie, Chomper, and Ducky, focus on traveling and keeping the eggs safe, while Mutt and Nod are more hesitant and worried that the mother will catch up to them. They suggest that they should leave the eggs where they are and leave, but Ducky insists that they are too close to the Great Valley. Chomper and Petrie tell Mutt and Nod that they must be brave, and Chomper questions them if they're scared. The song ends with Mutt and Nod looking unsure of what to do next.


We all hurry now
no time
to look back

Follow me

And do not let go of the eggs
it would be very, very bad
if they break

Well, I'm not sure
this idea's a good one

What if that
Fast Biter mom were to catch us?

Why don't we leave the eggs right here
and run

We are too close
to home to leave them here
if they should hatch
they might find
a way back to the cave

We must be brave

And move these eggs

Or are you scared?


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