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  • NanoLancensis

    The title is self explanatory, sort of inspired by Zeref Fullbuster's various lists.

    • First and foremost, I'd really rather there not be anything explicitly borrowed from the sequels - no Chomper, no Bron, no Guido, no Ruby, no Ali, no Doofah, no Etta, no "Mysterious Beyond", no "Big Water"...
    • Make the movie substantially different from the original, though at least keep the very basic premise of "Littlefoot's mother is killed by Sharptooth, Littlefoot has to go to the Great Valley and makes friends along the way"; don't make it shot-for-shot like the Lion King remake.
    • I'd like the dinosaur designs to be reasonably accurate - feathers for non-tyrannosaurid coelurosaurs like Ornithomimus and any potential dromaeosaurs, palms that face each other …

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  • NanoLancensis

    The official timeline for the Peenut roleplays. For the sake of streamlining, some dates in the original roleplays (e.g. how much time there is between P1 and P2) have been retconned.

    • Life of an Ichthyostega
    • Land Before Time Origins: Sailback Jack
    • Peenut 1
    • The Land Before Time: The Rise of Sharptooth (remake)
    • Peenut 2: The Rise of KFP
    • Peenut the Third
    • Peenut Forever After
    • Peenut: The Hidden Valley

    • DinosOrigin (pending)

    • Peenut: The Final Chapter (overwritten by P:THV, didn't get to finish its story anyway)
    • Land Before Time Origins: Hypnobrai (very much tied to P:TFC, wasn't finished either)
    • Life of a Sharptooth (though I considered railing the story into being compliant with the Peenut stories really early on, and the roleplay is a (partial) collaborat…

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  • NanoLancensis

    A text version of a theory I considered during my latest (and will be last) The Land Before Time marathon; this came to me when I started thinking about how much all of the movies like to contradict each other.

    Starting off with what I consider to be the one true universe:

    This universe only contains the original movie; not a single one of the sequels or episodes of the television series are canon.

    Canon movies:

    1. The Land Before Time

    Standout species

    Some characteristics (world):

    • Again, two locations are suggested for the Great Valley; XIII posits that it is somewhere in east Asia, while Journey of the Brave proposes that it is on Victoria Island in the Canadian Arctic Archipelago of all places.
    • The Great Valley's beauty and plant population has taken a …

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  • NanoLancensis

    I thought it would be fun to go into Blender and scale the creatures of The Land Before Time to this picture of Littlefoot, which speculates what his size may be based on a picture of him and his Grandpa. Weight estimates are based on calculating the mass of the models I create based on the creatures as if they were made of soy beans (there's no option to calculate them as if they were made of meat).

    Because all/most of the creatures are scaled to Littlefoot, there may be size disrepancies; take the numbers here with a delicious meal of salt.

    Results so far are that:

    Many more creatures should be added in time, stay tuned.

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  • NanoLancensis

    I'm not going to beat around the bush; I think they're Velociraptor because, at the end of the day, The Land Before Time is a Universal property, and given how prominent Velociraptor is in their other dinosaur property, I don't see why Universal would so prominently utilize non-velociraptor dromaeosaurs in their films.

    Before anyone cries foul on how the post-art shift raptors look too different from the earlier raptors to be the same species, this weird species dimorphism is also present in Universal's other raptors; like the velociraptors in this franchise, the earlier morphs (in JP's case, the male variant of the earlier morph introduced in The Lost World: Jurassic Park) are brown/red/orange with stripes with slit pupils and are Deinonychus size…

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