So. I guess we're back here again.

First I'd like to really quickly get the fact that Hypno deciding to leave was a factor here, and was absolutely what led me to do this; having discussions with other users is a highlight of why I stay here, so one less member of the community - specifically a member that I've known through forum settings since early 2015 at latest - is incentive for me to move on.

Besides that, the problem here is a blend of the issues I was having in the first two 'Oh dear's; a lack of interest in the series and frustration with said series' lack of quality (I'm not even halfway through marathoning a particularly low point in the series as I write, which doesn't help...); and stress over things that shouldn't be stressful (squabbles over what species things are supposed to be are still prominent, even when there's been an attempt to kill extreme speculation). Add onto this that roleplays are stagnating and/or falling apart, users are becoming much less active and there's nothing new that's probably ever going to come from the series, and you have a recipe for indifference.

As much as I want to say that I've enjoyed the last four years that I've been here, I don't think that would be honest; the half of 2015 I was on for was stressful and plagued by troll attacks, most of 2016 was rough and 2018 and 2019 were hotbeds of stress and boredom. I hate to say that, for the wiki, I only really liked 2017, when my interest in the series was still going strong, the community was small and Nate and I were at our strongest with goofy roleplays.

Unlike the other two times, I don't actually have a set time I'm going to embark on; I'm thinking of November 10th, my 9-year anniversary on the TLBT wiki, but nothing is set in stone, I might end up leaving well before or after that date.

Also, I may or may not marathon the movie series again; given how much I hated a few of them last I watched them, I am extremely hesitant. The TV series marathon may or may not be axed, given that it's a foregone conclusion that it's garbage as a whole.

Also also, as with the first time, I'm taking my cassowaries with me, no Mongoose you can't have them.

Either way, to the other users reading this: I wish you good luck on your future endeavors, I hope you stay safe, and I bid you adieu.

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I'll always really strongly like the first movie, regardless of my thoughts on the cash-grubbing things that followed

EDIT: I have settled on a departure date: November 25th, 2019. I may or may not do one last marathon, probably not though (if I do the "marathon" might be only the first movie :p)

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