Well, I hoped that I wouldn't be doing this again, but here goes; as with back in February, I'm feeling like I'm drifting from the wiki; but as opposed to last time, where I just realized that I didn't have any drive left from the movies, this time, I've come to a different conclusion.

I think staying here is damaging my mental health.

Even though I already don't view myself in a positive light, I want to be a decent person; but, with things like the classification squabbles, Jack, Ibarber and, on occasion (and increasingly often recently), Hypno in mind, I feel like this site has a tendancy to bring out my worst qualities; I get impatient, snarky, irrational, and/or outright aggressive a lot more than I'd like to, and my better traits don't surface very often.

Right now, I think that it's time for me to leave, not just because I'm starting to grow tired of the series and frustrated with the community, but because I think that not being active here anymore will help me improve from a mental standpoint. I'll do one more marathon of the movies over the next week or two, I'll pack my things and I'll go out the door. I don't plan to come back after that, not even for events like the 30th anniversary or any holidays. I should leave around September 8th (coincidentally, just around the date when Jack pushing Keifer Sutherland started happening).

I'm happy to have you here as company for the last three years; not all of my time here has been enjoyable, but I do savor what time I have spent here that I enjoyed (the roleplay boom in 2017 comes to mind). I wish everyone here good luck on their future endeavors, and I bid you adieu.

NLanc March2015 raptor

my first digital TLBT art from when I became a fan of the series

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