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  • NanoLancensis

    I had a version of this finished but accidentally scrapped it in a dash to revert a wave of Das edits, apologies for literally just copy/pasting Nate's version of the same idea here, quotes mean leafeater name and canon characters' leafeater names aren't listed, asterisks are borrowed from other sources.

    • "Crusher" is derived from Hypnobrai's name for the sharptooth, Crusher, itself derived from an old fanfiction that gave the sharptooth the name Crusher where he was brutally murdered by a giant snowball.
    • "Sailback Jack" is a name that I picked up from Nate.
    • Bovus's name comes from a weird source; I tried to think of a cow pun and accidentally ended up just lifting the name of something from the game Spore (the game's one expansion pack include…

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  • NanoLancensis

    Oh dear the Third

    October 13, 2019 by NanoLancensis

    So. I guess we're back here again.

    First I'd like to really quickly get the fact that Hypno deciding to leave was a factor here, and was absolutely what led me to do this; having discussions with other users is a highlight of why I stay here, so one less member of the community - specifically a member that I've known through forum settings since early 2015 at latest - is incentive for me to move on.

    Besides that, the problem here is a blend of the issues I was having in the first two 'Oh dear's; a lack of interest in the series and frustration with said series' lack of quality (I'm not even halfway through marathoning a particularly low point in the series as I write, which doesn't help...); and stress over things that shouldn't be stressful…

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  • NanoLancensis

    Inspired by Mrclubtail1234's 'Cenozoic-ifying the series' but not totally based off of it; given how many animals were around at the time on the continent, and given how recent the period is, there are a lot of animals to work with here, including modern non-extinct ones (there are still a couple outliers from other continents, mind). Not everything has to be some obscure extinct creature.

    Updates in the future are inevitable.

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  • NanoLancensis

    Blast 'The Amazing Threehorn Girl', it drives me to write even though I know I can't really write.

    Cera was crestfallen.

    It had all started as a normal day for the threehorn and her friends; an escape from some bellydraggers which they had gotten the attention of on one of her and her friends' routine trips to the Mysterious Beyond, this time spurred by desire to verify Ruby's insinuation that there was a funny-looking rock just beyond the walls of the valley. During their escape, she was separated from her friends backed into a corner by the sharpteeth. By a stroke of dumb luck, she frightened them away by bumping into a pile of rocks and causing them to fall down in front of her. When she came back to her friends and explained what had hap…

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  • NanoLancensis

    As with Late Cretaceous North America-ifying the series, I don't think I need to elaborate here - everything here is either from the Morrison Formation, the Sundance Sea, the Tendaguru Formation in a couple instances or nonspecific. Just about entirely objectively false, I originally wanted to just do the first movie.

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