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  • NanoLancensis

    Blast 'The Amazing Threehorn Girl', it drives me to write even though I know I can't really write.

    Cera was crestfallen.

    It had all started as a normal day for the threehorn and her friends; an escape from some bellydraggers which they had gotten the attention of on one of her and her friends' routine trips to the Mysterious Beyond, this time spurred by desire to verify Ruby's insinuation that there was a funny-looking rock just beyond the walls of the valley. During their escape, she was separated from her friends backed into a corner by the sharpteeth. By a stroke of dumb luck, she frightened them away by bumping into a pile of rocks and causing them to fall down in front of her. When she came back to her friends and explained what had hap…

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  • NanoLancensis

    As with Late Cretaceous North America-ifying the series, I don't think I need to elaborate here - everything here is either from the Morrison Formation, the Sundance Sea, the Tendaguru Formation in a couple instances or nonspecific. Just about entirely objectively false, I originally wanted to just do the first movie.

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  • NanoLancensis

    A moment of silence for the sauropods culled in the morning hours of 4/14/19:

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  • NanoLancensis

    The title is self explanatory, sort of inspired by Zeref Fullbuster's various lists.

    • First and foremost, I'd really rather there not be anything explicitly borrowed from the sequels - no Chomper, no Bron, no Guido, no Ruby, no Ali, no Doofah, no Etta, no "Mysterious Beyond", no "Big Water"...
    • Make the movie substantially different from the original, though at least keep the very basic premise of "Littlefoot's mother is killed by Sharptooth, Littlefoot has to go to the Great Valley and makes friends along the way"; don't make it shot-for-shot like the Lion King remake.
    • I'd like the dinosaur designs to be reasonably accurate - feathers for non-tyrannosaurid coelurosaurs like Ornithomimus and any potential dromaeosaurs, palms that face each other …

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  • NanoLancensis

    The official timeline for the Peenut roleplays. For the sake of streamlining, some dates in the original roleplays (e.g. how much time there is between P1 and P2) have been retconned.

    • Life of an Ichthyostega
    • Land Before Time Origins: Sailback Jack
    • Peenut 1
    • The Land Before Time: The Rise of Sharptooth (remake)
    • Peenut 2: The Rise of KFP
    • Peenut the Third
    • Peenut Forever After
    • Peenut: The Hidden Valley

    • DinosOrigin (pending)

    • Peenut: The Final Chapter (overwritten by P:THV, didn't get to finish its story anyway)
    • Land Before Time Origins: Hypnobrai (very much tied to P:TFC, wasn't finished either)
    • Life of a Sharptooth (though I considered railing the story into being compliant with the Peenut stories really early on, and the roleplay is a (partial) collaborat…

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