I mean, we know they aren't going to actually be killed off (at least, we hope not!).  However, are there any times in any of the 14 fims and the TV Series when you thought "Ut oh, they are going to die!" or "Character X is done for!"?

I know that in movie IV, it sure looked like it was going to be the end of Ducky when Dil had her.  In movie 1, I admit, it REALLY looked like the end of Petrie.  And I was worried for the Gang when Chomper cornered them in movie V and also when Chomper's mom came out of nowhere when Littleofoot was with Chomper in movie V.  I thought Littlefoot would be done for.  

Also, it looked like Ducky was done for in movie II when she fell and yelled.   

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