If someone could make a map of the Great Valley and other locations in the dinosaur world, where would each be:

A.) The Great Valley

B.)  The Land of Mists

C.) The Land of the Featherhead Sharpteeth

D.)  The Crater from movie 10

E.) the swamp from movie 10

F.)  The Great Divide

G.) The Rock that Looks like a Longneck

H.) Ruby's Home

I.) The Mysterious Island

J.) The Fire Mountain

K.) The Mountains that Burn

L.)  Threehorn Peak

M.) The Big Water (movie 9) 

N.) The Tinysaurus (home) (Inside of Great Valley)

O.) Saurus Rock (Inside of Great Valley)

P.) The Place where Littlefoot first me Mo (inside of Great Valley)

Q.) The Place where Littlefoot first entered the Great Valley 

R.) Berry Valley

S.) Hanging Rock

T.) The Meadow of Jumping Waters

U.) The Sand Creeper Home

V.) The Place Where Pterano lost his herd

W.) The Place where Littlefoot's egg hatched

X.) The Place (inside the Great Valley) where Chopmer's egg hatched

Y.)  The place (inside the Great Valley) where those underground gopher things live.

Z.)  The cave where Littlfoot met Etta

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