It was late in the night and little foots grandson did not want to sleep, instead he wished to just stay up and watch the stars.

"Alright little one." Said little foot. "You can stay up for only 5 more minuets. Then go to sleep."

Little foots grandson just stared into the sky. "Grampa, what is that?"

Little foot looked at the sky, in it a great big object that lit the sky up green was falling to the ground. It struck, their was a bright flash, and then the rumbling sound came.

Little foots grandson: "Wow! We got to go check it out!"

Little foot shook his head. "It would be to dangerous to go over their in the dark, lets wait for the great circle to rise first."

Mean while far away their is a smoldering crater with a rock in it. From the rock a face hugger crawls, slipping into the forest where it finds a clutch of eggs it then hides in.

Sneaking around in the night a egg stealer comes to the nest to get a midnight snack, when looking in, the face hugger latches onto its chest inserting a chest burster into the....

Suddenly the 4rth wall is broken as it shows a writer writing this and 5 men come through the door.

One of the men: "We cannot allow you to write a Land before time Alien cross over, don't you know children will watch this?"

Yah? so? who are you?" says the writer.

"Mothers of America, we are hear to shut down your production..."

But... but....

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