What dinosaur is which?

Okay after viewing several articles. I think it's time we I issued on this, but does anybody know which these dinosaurs or which species represents each character even look like? 

From this whole time I've been here I've seen many of the characters from The Land Before Time misidentified as different dinosaurs (despite their designs being completely different) that they aren't even confirmed or rely of dinosaurs. So as one of the admins for this wiki, I would like the most actives to provide their top LBT knowledge and Paleontological knowledge in the comments. If your know your stuff about LBT (from every concept design of the characters) and dinosaurs. Then it will be your responsibility (as well as us admins) to identify those dinosaurs and their species in the correct manner, any misidentification will be removed and some pages will be deleted.Ibarber (talk) 01:44, August 3, 2017 (UTC)

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