Now, if you want to see some funny KFP comments, look no further at the page for the Green Sharptooth from X's redirect page.

Peenut gathered all the things KFP had said and put them there. There's also a bunch of other comments as well. These are the things that he gathered (I'm copy-pasting them here): "So, from what I've been able to gather from KFP's various headcanons:

  • Sharptooth is Chomper's father.
  • The Meanest Sharptooth is Sharptooth.
  • The Sharptooth from VIII is either Red Claw or a relative of Red Claw.
  • The shark from V is a teenager.
  • Sharptooth was sent by Red Claw to attack Littlefoot and Cera.
  • Sharptooth has unspecified siblings.
  • The Orange-brown Sharptooth is Chomper, the Grey Sharptooth is his father, and the Green Sharptooth is his mother.
  • The Grey Sharptooth and green sharptooth are a mated pair.
  • The Meanest Sharptooth is Sharptooth's brother, while simultaneously being Sharptooth himself.
  • The Green Sharptooth is a Tarbosaurus.
  • The Sharptooth from IV is Chomper's father, as well as Red Claw.
  • The Sharpteeth from X are siblings. This makes relationship between grey and green noted above incestuous.
  • The olive Sharptooth from the opening to V is Chomper's mother. Pretty sure this was the filmmakers' intention, so there is nothing particularly wrong here.
  • The Sharptooth from IV is Red Claw's brother, while simultaneously being Red Claw himself, as noted above.
  • Sharptooth is a relative to both of Chomper's parents.
  • The green Sharptooth from VI is Sharptooth's brother.
  • The Sharptooth pack from XIII are... "university". No clue what this means.
  • The Orange-brown Sharptooth's name is "Crusher".
  • The Sharpteeth from X are all escapees from the Winnie-The-Pooh universe.
  • The Sharpteeth from X are... "Ushaka Marine World". About as sensical as the "university" headcanon for the Baryonyx pack. Ditto for Petrie's siblings.
  • Red Claw is Sharptooth.
  • The Fast Biters from XI are Screech and Thud.
  • Sharptooth is the evil queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves in disguise.
  • Red Claw and Sharptooth are brothers, because they both have closed eyes.
  • The Fast Biters from XI are siblings. Makes sense, even with the previous headcanon in place.
  • The Sharpteeth from X are all "army".
  • Sharptooth is Rudy, from Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs.
  • Chomper's mother is Sharptooth's sister. Considering Sharptooth has been previously noted to be Chomper's father, this makes their film relationship incestuous in nature.
  • The green Sharptooth from VI is Chomper's father.
  • Petrie has a fever.
  • The Sharpteeth from XIII are Spinosaurus, even though they completely lack a tall spinal fin.

There are multiple issues here, to say the least."

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