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About me

The dude writing this

  • Favorite dinosaurs are as follows:
    1. Little penguin (completely and utterly perfect creatures)
    2. Parasaurolophus sp., species doesn't matter (just about the only hadrosaurid I really care about besides Edmontosaurus; aside from it being aesthetically gorgeous, I love the sounds they made)
    3. Spinosaurus aegyptiacus (I started adoring it in 2009 because I fell into the Monsters Resurrected trap and pitied its treatment in Pivot animations from that era; in 2014, my reason for loving it changed when its Ibrahim makeover came around)
    4. Deinonychus antirrhopus (my favorite dromaeosaur; fuzzy, not too big and not too small, and best of all, so antisocial that they killed each other over food  they scavenged)
    5. Therizinosaurus cheloniformis (there's something appealing about giant, potentially fuzzy things with gigantic claws on their hands)
    6. Iguanodon bernissartensis (of all of the crestless large ornithopods, this stands out as my favorite, largely thanks to Disney's Dinosaur)
    7. Europasaurus holgeri (for one thing, it was cute; second, I didn't know it was possible to feel pity for a real life non-avian dinosaur)
    8. Carnotaurus sastrei (again, Dinosaur contributed to my liking for this thing)
    9. Chicken (it tastes good)
    10. Pachyrhinosaurus sp., species doesn't matter (just edges out Einiosaurus on the list, got a boost because of it being a little more familiar to me)
Runner-ups include Einiosaurus, GiganotosaurusUtahraptor, Dilophosaurus and Edmontosaurus.
  • Least favorite dinosaurs are as follows:
    1. Tyrannosaurus rex (this was my favorite dinosaur before I was exposed to the awesomebro community - if it didn't have legions of deranged fanatics and a certain movie studio dancing around it, singing its praises and demeaning every other dinosaur in existence in its holy name, I might still like it, but as things stand I think the world would be better off if it hadn't been described - there isn't anything objectively wrong with the fossil animal besides its name having come from human scum and said human scum-derived name taking precedence over its actual name (Manospondylus gigas) because paleontologists were so scared to fix it because of how tremendously popular the name had become that they made up a nomenclature law to protect it)
    2. Kulindadromeus zabaikalicus (there's nothing special about it beyond it being fuzzy; feather nuts going on and on about how great it is just because it had feathers/feather-like integuments makes me kind of hate it)
    3. Ostrich (I really like ostriches as animals, but not even being intermingled with beef as jerky can make it taste very good)
    4. Opisthocoelicaudia skarzynskii (I hate its proportions)
  • Likes palaeozoology. I wouldn't ever have been interested in the series if this wasn't the case.
  • Before you ask, yes; this roleplay is indeed an accurate representation of my life and how I eventually joined the wiki.
    • As are this roleplay (my first encounter with a specific spammer), this roleplay (in which my friends and I thwart the evil plans of the director of The Land Before Time V - XII), this roleplay (in which my family is kidnapped by raptors), and this roleplay (in which my home is burned down by a Kulindadromeus and I have to move away, don't ask how I'm writing this).
  • I think that adult T. rex were mostly/almost completely scaly/bald, with a few "elephant feathers" (erm, really really small feathers that are like the body fur of modern elephants) on the backs of their necks and on their shoulders.
  • The prospects of Nanotyrannus and Dracorex/Stygimoloch being their own genera is stupid.
  • Favorite film is Pixar's Coco, least favorite is Ice Age: Collision Course (TLBT 13 isn't far behind it, Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom would be here if it weren't for the second half).
  • Clash of the Dinosaurs is the worst piece of media I've ever seen.

Myself and The Land Before Time series

  • Personal list for the movies w. opinions and scores:

The Land Before Time

One of my favorite traditionally animated films. Though not necessarily perfect (Petrie is a bit annoying, the narrator is mildly intrusive and the cutting of scenes is very noticeable in places), I still find it to be an incredible movie, and the only objectively good installment in the franchise. 9/10

The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure

Chomper is okay and his parents and the Struthiomimus brothers are entertaining, but beyond those aspects of the movie, II is slow, monotonous, and boring, without a single ounce of charm. 2.5/10; the only things keeping this from being lower are the aforementioned things I liked.

The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving

I think that III is a significant improvement over II, thanks to its darker plot, amusing sorta-villains, and nice climax; I also think its pacing is, though slow, much faster than last time, and has a bit more charm to it. 6/10

The Land Before Time IV: Journey through the Mists

In my opinion, the strongest of the sequels. It has better pacing than its predecessor, it has nice songs, interesting new characters, and one of the more serious plots post-original to make up for that; the biggest problem with IV is its antagonists, Ichy and Dil, who I find to be more annoying than funny. 7/10

The Land Before Time V: The Mysterious Island

Contains by and large the greatest of the sequel sharpteeth, a decent plot, and some nice scenes (the 'Always There' number, the shark/log scene, pretty much everything with the aforementioned sharptooth). Not too fond of any of the songs aside from 'Always There', and not a huge fan of the reappearing Chomper spontaneously getting a speaking role. Otherwise, I think it's pretty okay. 6.25/10

The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock

For the most part, I found VI to just be lame; it's boring, not very fast-paced, plagued by stupid conflict (bad luck? really?), and topped off by two of the most annoying characters in the series; however, the climax is one of the worst in the series, and left a sour taste in my mouth by the time the movie had ended. 3/10

The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire

Probably the most complex of the sequels, with a very interesting main antagonist and some entertaining proper villains, a decent plot, and some nice songs. Just a hair weaker than IV, because the story is still just decent (not necessarily "good") and the ending twist takes away from the piece a bit. 6.5/10

The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze

Unremarkable, but nice regardless, with passable songs (with the exception of 'Family', which is great), nice new characters, and a cute, rather warm plot. 5.75/10

The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water

Right down there with II, this was a slog to sit through; headlined by the truly monstrous 'Imaginary Friend', filled with tensionless "action" scenes and an annoying new character, all that saves IX from being a 1/10 are its antagonist, one great song, and some good animation. 2.5/10

The Land Before Time X: The Great Longneck Migration

Though the sequel boasts a better-than-usual plot and likeable new characters, with a great final song; the movie has a stupid climax (feat. some of the least threatening sharpteeth in the franchise's history) and handles the events of the original movie terribly; this isn't enough to bring the movie down completely, but it does leave a pretty grevious mark on an otherwise alright movie. 5.25/10

The Land Before Time XI: Invasion of the Tinysauruses

Pretty boring with Littlefoot having an annoying voice; but I don't strongly hate anything about it, I just think it doesn't do much right. Though I do think it's bad, it's still tolerable enough. 4/10

The Land Before Time XII: The Great Day of the Flyers

Very cute, but not very good or substantial; the highlights for me were Guido as a character and Cera's subplot. Otherwise, I found it to be slow and dull, but bearably so. 5/10

The Land Before Time XIII: The Wisdom of Friends

A plot retread of the first movie, a truly horrid song, callous treatment of sharpteeth, and an entire species of insufferable nuisances, with the worst of them all being Doofah. "Yellow Belly Bounce" and "How Do You Know?" being tolerable is enough, but two "meh" songs aren't enough to make anything else from this movie salvageable. 1/10

The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave

Journey of the Brave is very mixed; though I loved Etta and her song and liked the story and some of the action, I also disliked a number of elements, such as the diggers, Chomper and Ruby's presence and some of Wild Arms' bits. Not a bad note to end the series on, but not a good one either. 5.5/10

Though I did like some of the sequels, and I love the original movie, I unfortunately found the series to be bad as a whole - the above scores add up to a total of 4.9/10. Without the original movie, the series is 4.6/10.

  • TL;DR of the above list:
    1. original: great
    2. II: horrible
    3. III: okay
    4. IV: good
    5. V: okay
    6. VI: terrible
    7. VII: okay
    8. VIII: mediocre
    9. IX: horrible
    10. X: mediocre
    11. XI: bad
    12. XII: mediocre
    13. XIII: abominable
    14. XIV: mediocre
  • As for the garbage TV series...
    • "The Cave of Many Voices": 4/10; boring with mixed-quality animation, not particularly noteworthy
    • "The Mysterious Tooth Crisis": 3.5/10; much the same, but with a more irritating story and more consistently awful animation.
    • "The Star Day Celebration": 3.5/10; what could have been a mediocre episode was utterly destroyed by trashy animation and, contrasting the premise calling for emotion, a bland, bland story.
    • "The Canyon of Shiny Stones": 5/10; the story was okay, though not really anything worth writing home about, and there were a few charming moments. The animation was still poor.
    • "The Great Log Running Game": 3/10; it started off mediocrely and completely fell apart by the end, with scenes dragging on and the message being bad (don't try anything). The animation was disastrous; special mention goes to the climax.
    • "The Brave Longneck Scheme": 6/10, actually not bad; the new character was entertaining, the plot was okay and the end chase scene was better than it had any right to be. Still not good, mind.
    • "The Meadow of Jumping Waters": 4/10, boring.
    • "The Days of Rising Waters": 4.5/10, also boring, with a subplot that goes absolutely nowhere and random spite for a locale from the early sequels. I liked that the first song - another generic angry TV series song - was in a lower key than the others of the same template, though. I initially gave up here out of sheer boredom.
    • "Escape From The Mysterious Beyond": 6.25/10, not good but still startlingly competent, with a decent story, better songs than usual and pretty well-handled sharptooth antagonists - especially Thud, who is disputably the star of the episode.
    • "The Hidden Canyon": 2.5/10. Even ignoring the fact that the episode solidifies Red Claw and his two deinonychus cronies as disgraces to villainkind, the main characters are astoundingly stupid and make the story frustrating, and the songs are bad. The animation was also especially poor in this episode.
    • "The Legend of the Story Speakers": 3.5/10. The episode is unremarkable, boring and poorly animated once you look past the overly short, occasionally cute longneck legends; the whole thing is ultimately brought down by Saro, who I perceived as being very unlikable (though he has a good voice actor).
    • "The Bright Circle Celebration": 3/10. Another real stinker, with a sluggish, lame story, irritating characters and crappy animation - especially at the very end.
    • "The Lonely Journey": 5.5/10. Though it is far from being good, this episode is passable as a cute, inoffensive adventure story - the only really bad things about it are the songs - even the animation flip-flops from being typical TV series horrible-ness to being on par with some of the later sequels (particularly XII).
    • "The Missing Fast-Water Adventure": 4/10 - even though the episode is about the Valley being hit by another water shortage (ala III) and features the grand return of Mo from IX, at the end of the day the episode is a whole lot of nothing - the guest star Ophthalmosaurus just kind of sits around and screams at the characters without doing much, the story is generally just really "bleh", the songs suck pretty hard and there isn't really any tension or successful humor. There are some decent water effects at a few points, at least, very slightly offputting how the animation and art in the episode are rancid even for the TV series.
    • "The Spooky Nighttime Adventure": 6.5/10. Though it doesn't quite break into being good, largely thanks to the junky animation, the second song and the middling art, there's a surprising amount to like here; some of the humor is pretty effective, none of the characters are too annoying or bland, the episode's rendition of 'Adventuring' is unusually tolerable (Harewood's vocals lift it up substantially), the story is simple but engaging (for the TV series, anyway) and the message - though perhaps hammered in too hard, they outright explain it at the end - is a good one for the show's target demographic.
    • "The Lone Dinosaur Returns": 4.5/10. There are some good ideas here - I do like the base premise of Chomper being terrified of Doc after Littlefoot's retelling of VI's garbage finale, and there is a decent scene of Doc confronting the kids and telling Littlefoot that he and Chomper will probably be enemies as adults. However, there is little else good in the episode past this - the songs stink, the animation is what one would expect from the series and the story and characters are generally bland.
    • "Stranger From the Mysterious Above": 3/10; whereas I think a lot of TV series episode up to this point fail simply because they are very bland and/or boring without anything to help it, this has all of the typical TV series problems (crappy songs, crappy animation, general boringness, etc.) with the extra burden of a stupid mistaken for a god because of coincidences/arguing and getting nowhere double plot, a pitiful (in the sense of being a non-threat and in the sense of being very hard to root against) main antagonist and annoying protagonists - especially the gophers that headline the episode.
    • "The Amazing Threehorn Girl": 1.5/10, utter garbage with an awful plot, hateable characters, garbage songs and bad animation.
    • "The Big Longneck Test": The episode has the benefit of having a half-decent main plot with a few alright moments, but the episode is bogged down massively by its B-plot of Shorty being a cocky little idiot and doing a miserable job at leading Littlefoot's friends to a rock bridge. Combine that with the TV series' usual failings and you get a 3/10 experience.
    • "The Hermit of Black Rock": 6.25/10, another relative surprise from a series I expected nothing but trash from. This episode, even barring the well-enough-handled return of Guido, the episode is generally a lot more interesting than typical TV series fare - the dark cave setting, the main characters being wounded and unable to leave the place they have ended up, the kids not being able to go and save them and, above all else, the character of Swooper.
    • "Return to Hanging Rock": 6/10; the episode is very sweet and has a few strengths, though not as many as the previous in my book. The story of Ruby and a few of her friends going on a dangerous (though truncated) mission to make sure her parents are alright wouldn't be out of place in one of the movies, and a few elements, like the slightly more serious tone and the character of Skip, wouldn't be too out of place in the earlier sequels (being reminded of Journey through the Mists is anything but a bad thing). However, there isn't much else to the episode besides those things, and I don't fancy myself a fan of the main character, Ruby - a consistent problem throughout the episode is problems being brought up, only to be solved as quickly as they are acknowledged. The songs are pretty bad but have surprising redeeming qualities - 'In The Sky' has Dorian Harewood's vocals strengthening it while the episode's obligatory 'Feel So Happy' number ends in a truly beautiful, awe-inspiring way.
    • "March of the Sand Creepers": I was actually somewhat looking forward to this episode - I remembered the character of Scuttle and the fun premise of a crab invasion - but I was a little disappointed once all was said and done, largely because - though I don't think it was quite bad - a few things about it rubbed me the wrong way in ways I can't articulate. At the very least, I did ultimately find myself liking guest character Scuttle - though he definitely isn't likeable, he's like Rhett in the sense that he is an entertaining character and one-ups him by being an old, retired adventurer crab with a pirate accent who tells stories about his times out in the wilds (which the episode treats like the worst thing ever because the kids have tiny attention spans; I'd prefer a Scuttle spinoff movie over XV). 5/10.
    • "Search for the Sky Color Stones": 6/10; yes, there's some bad CGI and, well, it's the TV series, so it has most of the TV series', problems, but it was around this point where I started to be surprised by how they could keep up some semblance of quality for four whole episodes - there are some strong visuals in places, a few of the jokes are successful and, above all else, the episode presents a very different, interesting side of an established character.
    • "Through the Eyes of a Spiketail": The very end of the TV series' run has a fair amount of interesting premises, nevermind whether or not they are necessarily well-executed, and this is no exception - unfortunately, with a 4/10, this is where the decency streak ends. The animation and art are very poor here - Chomper's body language suggesting he is eating berries in a scene (though he obviously isn't) and Topps randomly using Tria's model in a shot are particularly egregious examples. The episode's greatest weakness is its portrayal of the characters - Littlefoot and Cera especially are unbearable. Spike's portrayal is a mixed bag; he is relatable (largely because of how done with everything he is...) and nice, but I can't help but feel that the episode robs a fair bit of the character's mystique, and him not understanding his friends any more than they understand him is neither welcome or very congruous with, really, anything else from the series.
    • "The Great Egg Adventure": Before anything else, I would like to preface that I think this is the funniest episode (perhaps the funniest thing to have ever come out of TLBT; this episode made me actually laugh at a point), but not because of any quality humor - the humor comes from how janky the episode is, especially its writing; the best part is a bizarre scene of Hyp randomly taking an egg off of Littlefoot's back and acting surprised when it starts rolling away. Unsurprisingly, it otherwise suffers from typical TV series problems; bad animation, one horrible song and a plain-old bad one, a bland story and "meh" characters - even the Trio of Trouble, who haven't learned anything from the movie they were plucked from. 4/10.
    • With the above scores in mind, the TV series averages out to a 4.32/10 - pretty bad...
  • As ironic as it may seem, I don't consider myself a fan of The Land Before Time series, given that I don't like most of the content produced for the franchise.
  • I hate the television series. My main reasons for feeling this way are that I feel that the plots are exceedingly simple and boring, Ruby is unnecessary and annoying, the songs/instrumental score are awful and the animation is very poor.
  • I believe I was introduced to LBT via the TV series from when it aired on Cartoon Network in 2007 and 2008 in the United States, though I have a VHS copy of The Land Before Time XI: Invasion of the Tinysauruses of an unknown achievement date, presumably from when I was rather young.
  • I obtained the original film somewhere in 2007, rented a few of the sequels on DVD around that time (XII and IX stand out in my memories, a single memory of what may have been X barely resides), and obtained the (at the time) full sequel collection in March of 2015. I managed to secure a DVD copy of Journey of the Brave on the day it was released.
    • With this in mind, I first saw II - VIII and XIII in March of 2015.
  • I once dreamed in late 2015 that The Land Before Time XV and The Land Before Time XVI were to be given vaguely similar names to "The Land Before Time XV: Age of Dragons" and "The Land Before Time XVI: The Quest of the Shadows". Quest of the Shadows was, in the dream, the intended final movie in the franchise. I also vaguely remember Ali being present in the latter.
  • I don't like when "type" names are persistently capitalized and/or given spaces inbetween included words; nobody would call a grasshopper a "Grass Hopper", why call rainbowfaces and fastbiters "Rainbow Faces" and "Fast Biters"?

Series preferences/theories/headcanons

  • I prefer sharpteeth over all other dinosaurs in the series. I admittedly have a carnivore bias.
    • I do not believe that sharpteeth are villains by default, as they only kill plant eaters to stay alive.
  • Of the leaf eaters, I would have to say that the crownheads (specifically the savage ones in the original film) are my favorite.
  • I consider only the first movie to be canon. All of the sequels and the TV series are just dreams/nightmares/night terrors Littlefoot had after reaching the Great Valley.

Favorites and least favorites

My favorite quotes

Land Before Time-related

Littlefoot, let your heart guide you. It whispers, so listen closely.

"I feel like a mountain fell on me." "It did!"

Strut and Ozzy, one of the only parts from The Land Before Time II: The Great Valley Adventure I liked

"If there's one thing I will not tolerate, it's violence." "Then why are you hitting me?" "Right, make that two things. Violence and stupid questions."

"Many changes had occurred on this day of changes."

Other films

Who's the monkey?

— Timon, The Lion King

What are ya doin' in my swamp!?

— The title character of Shrek


Littlefoot. NOM NOM NOM NOM

— NanoLancensis, Littlefoot page, revision 20:42, April 9, 2011

Also, Petrie's Mother is a horrible, evil monster for yelling at Pterano and her son Petrie.

— Words of wisdom

I had to raise Guido from the dead!

MongooseLover bemoans vandalism

Ichy: "Now, let's pretend I'm a Flattooth. Now, what would you do?" Dil (confusedly): "You want to see what I'd say if a Flattooth came?" -Ichy nods- Dil: "I WOULD TEAR THEIR FLESH FROM THEIR BODYS AND THEN CENSORED AND EAT THEIR CENSORED AND FINNALLY KICK THEM IN THE CENSORED"

— 'Ichy's Tale' roleplay

"How Would You Reacted if a Yutyrannus Appeared in a Jurassic Park Movie Without Feathers" "(I'd) Sic an army of meticulously trained, minigun-toting cassowaries on Universal Studios. Palaeontological ignorance of such an extreme degree will not be tolerated."

— Nate56mate and NanoLancensis on a thread about why the TLBT series' T. rex designs changed

Dil's growls were also used from Norse mythology when people are being transformed into werebeasts. When people were being transformed into werebeasts their growls were also the same used for Dil. Norse mythology is also the first not to be voiced by Frank Welker but Clarence Nash original voice of Donald Duck.

— An old revision of the Ichy and Dil page

Shrek picks up a musket and shoots Littlefoot in the back of the head.

— 'Littlefoot Gets Shrekt' roleplay


Nesting Protoceratops

Artwork can be found in Nano's Art Nest

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