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Unquillosaurus (‬Unquillo River lizard‭)‬ is a genus of dromaeosaurine theropod dinosaurs from late Cretaceous South America. Unquillosaurus measured about 6-10 ft long.[1] It lived during the Campanion stage of the late Cretaceous. The only known species is Unquillosaurus ceibalii.


Unquillosaurus was first described in 1979 by Jaime Eduardo Powell. Its name is derived from the river of Unquillo.[2]The specific name refers to the town El Ceibal.

The holotype, PVL 3670-11, was found at Arroyo-Morterito in Argentina in the Los Blanquitos Formation. It's made up of a left pubis, 1.686 ft long. The specimen was re-studied by Fernando Novas and Federico Agnolin in 2004, who concluded that the orientation of the pubis had been misinterpreted: it pointed backwards, as was shown by the fossil still being attached to a displaced part of the pubic peduncle of the ilium.[3]


Unquillosaurus was originally assigned to the Carnosauria family [2]and then later was given it's own family group prizenly named after itself. [4][3]This is the only dinosaur of dromaeosaur group that was classified to have been a carnosaur.[5]

Unquillosaurus in The Land Before Time

Unquillosaurus appears as an enemy in the game The Land Before Time for the GameBoy Color. It appears in forest themed levels, where it can be seen walking across logs in an attempt to hit the player to deal damage. Fortunately, it can be defeated after enough hits from the game's attack move.


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