• A funeral RP.

    Littlefoot and his friends were on their way to berry valley to celebrate f%$#bie's birthday party. On the way over Chomper asks the group to hold up while he heads off to Pee. While he is separate from the group he hears someone crying. He comes to see a elderly hookthumb sharptooth who looks rather scrawny.

    Are you ok? he asks her.

    No, I am not. she says sadly. For you see, I am too old to hunt. My 4 sons use to take good care of me in my old age. They were such sweet little boys. But something tragic happened to them.

    Chomper sheds a tear and says "I wish I could help, but I'm no hunter. I wish you luck. I need to get back to my friend littlefoot..

    She waits for him to be well away. Littlefoot?" she says with a sinister grin.

    Hours latter Littlefoot and his friends are in the middle of doing the stupid yellow belly stamp. When at this time, the elderly hook thumb shows up. Mustering all the youth she has left, she coralls what she can, among them, Littlefoot, F%$#bie, D$%^fa, and several other yellow bellies are cornered at the cliff edge. The cliff edge cracks, and they fall to there doom, the elderly hookthumb watches with a sadistic smile as they fall. Well what do you know, they stayed in a group! She says with a smirk. Then heads off never to be seen again.

    The remainder of the group just stare with a look of shock.

    "What are we going to tell grandma and grandpa longneck? Oh what what what?" Ducky says sadly.

    And, begin.

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