• Ignore the overly dramatic title, I couldn't think of anything better.

    As we all know, Ducky and her family (sans Spike) resemble Saurolophus; most strikingly, their beaks are wide and their crests are small and straight. However, most official sources classify her as Parasaurolophus, a creature that is also depicted in the series, and does not resemble Ducky's species too greatly.

    Life Restoration of Saurolophus

    restoration of Saurolophus


    restoration of Parasaurolophus

    Hadrosaurs first movie

    Saurolophus-esque hadrosaurs and a proper Parasaurolophus, right next to each other

    However, I realized something yesterday; though we have materials that are readily available that refer to her as Parasaurolophus, we have no material available that more reasonably calls her Saurolophus (an excerpt claiming that she was identified as one on a sing-along tape is unsourced and does not count as a result). With this in mind, we should, regardless of whether or not Ducky resembles a Parasaurolophus, identify her as one in light of what we have; however, I've decided to do something different.

    Ducky's Saurolophus classification will stay in place unchallenged until one month from now; if someone can find an official source, either from a Universal website, a DVD box or the aforementioned sing-along tape, Ducky and her family will stay Saurolophus. If no written material from Universal is found that supports her current classification when the deadline arrives, she and her family will be made into Parasaurolophus without any polls to gauge opinions beforehand.

    TL;DR If you want to see Ducky's current classification as a Saurolophus survive into April, you better start looking for written sources from official sources (no Wikipedia, no IMDb, etc.).

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