• At one point, near the climax, to blackmail Littlefoot into joining them as Littlefoot had decided to back off on a plan for something, the bad guys kidnpa Tricia.   Of course, Tricia is rescued and the villains end up less popular for what they did.

    However, I just relaized that I'd need some reaosn not to end up havig Mr. Threehorn kill the bad guys, who are only spoiled teenagers, in a rage over kindppaing Tricia (not sure Tria would be that thrileld with the bad guys either.)

    Also, I would need a reason not to have Mr. Threehorn ban Littlefoot from ever seeing Cera and Tricia again as the whole mess was, in part, Littlefoot's fault in the first place, as even Littlefoot admitted.

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