• An alternate take on 'The Amazing Threehorn Girl'. The story of Cera bravely scaring off a pair of bellydraggers has been proven to be false. The Valley is outraged, to the point of threatening to exile her over this (apparently the adults are too stupid/cowardly to feel like fighting off a few crocodiles).

    "Take her away"

    "Don't let her stay"

    "That threehorn girl"

    But, unlike in the actual episode, which has some more reasonable characters stop the exile, she actually ends up getting thrown out into the barren wastes outside the Valley.

    And then she ends up becoming the unlikely friend of a certain sharptooth, and ends up turning on those she once loved, resenting her banishment.

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    • Doubt she'd form an alliance with Red Claw.   Besides, I don't thinik Littlefoot & Co would just abandon her.    Also, what Littlefoot did in movie 11 was potentially more severe, though more the fault of the grownups for their angry mob mentaility.

      Besides, how did Belly Draggers get into the Great Valley anyway?  It's supposed to be safe from Sharpteeth.   Did one of the grownups break a hole in the Great Wall?   (They never did explain that one,as usually the Valley tries to figure out how the Sharpteeth got in and block the way.   I don't think they did this time, which seems odd.)

      If someone did want Cera out, perhaps they wanted her to take the fall from their, at best, negligence, at, and at worse, perhaps more sinister designs.  

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    • In retrospect, I do question how I would have been able to pull off a proper relationship between Cera and Red Claw, considering the language barrier (and the fact that Cera is not well-regarded by Red Claw and his cronies).

      Probably going to remove the thread, this admittedly wasn't my greatest idea.

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    • Actually, it is an interesting idea, minus the Red Claw part.   Especially as nobody ever said how they got in and somehow the grownups didn't try and close the opening this time.   It's possible thatt there is a roigue among the Great Valley leadership.    It could be an interesting plot idea, minus the Red Claw part.   

      (Unless they did close the opening and somehow I missed it.)

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    • I have an idea for a RP we can do quite insteadicly.

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    • Lord of the STARS wrote:
      I have an idea for a RP we can do quite insteadicly.

      What is  it?  

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    • Going to let someone else try and kickstart this, not sure how I should start it myself.

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    • A FANDOM user
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