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    Rinkus and Sierra, two evil Flyers, were flying through the Land of Mists.  The mist made it hard to see.   "I hate that Pterano!" said Rinkus angrily.

    "I wish I could get that Pterano. I'd knock him down to size." vowed Sierra.

    "Well, pal, we haven't seen him in five cold times. He must be hiding pretty well." replied Rinkus.

    “He might be hiding here.  He could be feet from us and we wouldn’t see him in this mist.” remarked Sierra.

    “This doesn’t quite seem to be Pterano’s type of place.” Rinkus countered.  “Come to think of it, it’s not my type of place either.  Let’s keep looking for Pterano elsewhere.” he added, looking around nervously, listening for danger. 

    “Let’s at least give the place a search before we leave.  I’d hate to think we’d have let that blowhard get away from us when we had the chance to rip him apart.” Sierra objected. 

    Meanwhile, Ichy the Sharp Beak was with Dil, the Big Mouthed Belly Dragger.   He was flying above her. They were chasing some Tickly Fuzzies.   They had the advantage due to the mist obscuring the Tickly Fuzzies’s vision.  Though Dil had very poor sight, Ichy had quite good eyesight and the both of them had a strong sense of smell.  It sure seemed these poor Tickly Fuzzies’s time left on earth was numbered.  

    "Tickly Fuzzies again?" Dil groaned softly. 

    "Well if you hadn't lost those Tinysauruses, we might have gotten something else!" Ichy grumbled softly. 

    “Not my fault.  I can’t see that well.  You’re The Eyes.” Dil argued softly. 

    “And don’t forget it.” Ichy said softly.  

    He was getting near the unlucky mammals.  Time for supper!  he thought. 

    They chased the Tickly Fuzzies. Ichy was flying after it, ready to strike.

    Rinkus, meanwhile, continued to argue with Sierra.   “I don’t see that creep anywhere. Let’s go somewhere else!”

    “We ain’t goin’ anywhere till we’ve had a good look first.” Sierra grumbled.

    Ichy, meanwhile, moved toward the Tickly Fuzzies.  “Almost there.” he muttered softly, extending his claws to attack.    WHAM!  Rinkus and Ichy collided and fell to the ground. "Watch where you're going!" snapped Ichy.

    "A Talking Sharptooth! I've never seen such a thing before!" gasped Rinkus.

    "Yes, I learned to talk in my childhood. The story of my life is really depressing." replied Ichy snarkily. He moved to try and strike Rinkus. WHACK! Sierra hit Ichy.

    "Don't even think about it! I'll take you apart!" yelled Sierra, his arms balled into fists.

    “Oh really pal?  I’m a Sharptooth and you think you can win against me?” Ichy laughed.

    “There are two of us and only one of you!” shouted Sierra.  

    “Actually, there are two of us too!” laughed Ichy.  "Sic 'em Dil!" yelled Ichy. Dil came forward, snapping at the two Flyers.  They were both momentarily frightened by the huge Bigmouthed Belly Dragger, but soon realized that she couldn’t see that well.  

    Sierra and Rinkus tackled Ichy. "Don't come any closer Bigmouthed Belly Dragger or the Sharp Beak gets it!" threatened Sierra.

    "Like I care. We're not exactly pals." replied Dil, continuing to come forward. 

    "I was busy planning to get back at that Pterano and those five pesky kids. That stupid Longneck, Flyer, Swimmer, Spiketail, and Threehorn ruined our plans to take over the Great Valley.  Then you came and interrupted me!" snapped Sierra, his temper flaring.   Ichy struggled against him. 

    “Calm yourself Sierra.  Arguing with Sharpteeth isn’t going to help with anything!” grumbled Rinkus.  

    "Did you say Longneck, Flyer, Swimmer, Spiketail, and Threehorn kids?" asked Ichy, who had broken free enough of Sierra’s grip and had been about to bite him in the arm. 

    "Yeah." replied Sierra. "What's it to you?"

    "Dil and I got shown up by Longneck, Flyer, Threehorn, Swimmer, and Spiketail kids. There were six when we met them. Two Longnecks. One of the Longnecks had blue eyes and the other had brown eyes." answered Ichy.

    "Brown eyes. Sounds like the pesky Longneck we know too." said Rinkus.

    "Yes, I wanna show those kids for showing us up!" growled Dil.

    “Well, come on, let’s get going before these Sharpteeth try and eat…..” grumbled Rinkus.  Sierra waved him off.  “What is it?” grumbled Rinkus.

    “I’m thinking of something.” said Sierra.

    “Don’t hurt yourself.” laughed Rinkus.   Sierra ignored his insult. 

    "Hmmmmm, lure kids into trap. Kidnap Pterano's nephew. Then we can lure Pterano out of hiding and finish him! And we can feed them overgrown eggs to the Sharpteeth! I like this idea of mine!" laughed Sierra. "We'll help you get them. The Sharp Beak, Rinkus, and I will lure them out of the Great Valley. Then we finish them all off, minus Pterano's nephew. We'll use him as bait to get Pterano and then you two can finish him and Petrie off." laughed Sierra.

    “Come now Sierra, Sharpteeth wouldn’t possibly agree to anything….” chuckled Rinkus.

    “I accept.” interjected Ichy.  

    (Theme song: All I see is the day in front of us. All I see is the day in front of us. Burning bright with a new-born sun. Burning bright with a new-born sun. Come follow me

    Hills to climb and plains to roam
    Oh, streams to follow all the way home
    To the Land Before Time
    Before time


    Some distance from the Great Valley, Littlefoot and his friends, unaware of the nefarious plot against them, were running from some Fast Biters.  The Velociraptors were gaining on them, their mouths dripping with saliva.  “Go away!” Littlefoot shouted at them.

    “They can’t understand you.” said Chomper.

    Littlefoot and his friends saw one of the entrances to the Great Valley up ahead.  They dashed through it.  The Fast Biters, knowing they couldn’t win, turned back.

    “I don’t know why you tried to talk to them.  It’s not like they’re a Talking Sharptooth.   I’m probably the only one out there.” said Chomper.

    “Actually, you’re not.” said Littlefoot.

    “I’m not?” gasped Chomper in surprise. 

    “We’ve met two of them before.  In the Land of Mists.  A Sharp Beak and a Big Mouthed Belly Dragger.” said Littlefoot.

    “The Land of Mists?” inquired Chomper.

    “It’s a really scary place less than a day’s journey from the Great Valley.” said Cera.

    “I thought nothing scared you.” said Ruby.

    “Well, scary to others, not to me of course.” Cera said braggadociously. 

    “I wonder where they learned to talk.” Chomper said.

    “Me never ask them.” said Petrie.

    “Were they nice like me?” asked Chomper.

    “Oh no, no, no.  They tried to eat me.” replied Ducky. 

    Mean Sharpteeth that knew Leaf Eater?  This was confusing to Chomper.  Where could a mean Sharptooth learn Leaf Eater from.  They’d have never let the Leaf Eaters live long enough to pick up the language.   He rested, away from the others, scratching his head and trying to think of how this could be possible. 

    Meanwhile, in the Land of Mists, the four villains were making their plans.   

    “I want to get them for all the pain they caused me.” sang Sierra.

    “Oh that would be something I would like to see.” sang Rinkus.

    “I think I’m up to the challenge.” sang Ichy.

    “Oh yeah, we’re getting revenge!” sang Dil.

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    • Am I doing good so far?   Any suggestions?  Want to help with this?  It's going into my offical LBT headcanon so don't make it too weird.   

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    • Hmmm, how about, their next encounter with the fast biters they plead with them "Let us live and we can help you catch 3 fliers and a belly dragger."

      Fast biter 1: "What did he say?"

      Fast biter 3: "Probably just begging for his life. Poor thing, hard not to pity them. Lets eat him quickly so he don't have to be afraid for long."

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    • So, do you think an alliance between Dil, Ichy, Rinkus, and Sierra could actually happen in LBT or would it take some bending of current personalities, etc, to make it happen?   

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    • It depends on if the producers ever decide to produce anything again.

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    • I meant, based  on their personalities, etc, how likely is the scenario above?    

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    • It looks like what would happen if it had happened, although their may be a bit more swearing and blood before an agreement is made, or at least if they didn't tone it down and stayed completely true to it. No casualties, just 2cond degree cuts and bruises, nothing they can't walk off like KFP will walk off his ban once it wears off.

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