• Some one has stolen dragon treasure. But that treasure was given a powerful curse, allowing the robber to unknowingly be spied on by the dragon prince to whole it belonged to. For weeks he watched and waited, plotting his revenge for the sins his enemies have committed against his kingdom, and is now ready to take flight.

    Gemstones a perfect polish, and precious metals forged underneath an icy mountain in the molten fires of a powerful goddess used to drift entire continents and spew liquid rock to form the sacred mountain on which the dragon kingdom rests, are in a bank that is in what looks very renascent of an old wild western town, but with dinosaurs living in it. Dinosaurs who are in the stoneage.

    Coming to take back what is theirs is a army of dragons, who have a legion of human servants, who have forged an alliance with the second most powerful race in their world whom against they once warred, the orcs, against a common enemy. This army is from a world of magic and musket, of war and tactics, with kingdoms often in Peral. Where only the strong survive.

    And the only thing that is there to stop them are dinosaurs without magic, who don't work metal, who have an IQ of 2, no special abilities.

    This should be over by supper, assuming we don't have to wait to long.

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    • 15 dragons are sent.

      This at the moment is their focus.

      They head on over to the dino town to check it out.

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    • For those of you unfamiliar with them.

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    • Gaston was hiding the treasure, having been hired by Malificent and Robin Hood from Shrek.

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    • (RIP to that great comment the wikia just ate.)

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    • Lord of the STARS wrote: (RIP to that great comment the wikia just ate.)

      (There has been a lot on my heart right now and my computer shut off on me 3 times in a row, if you are reading this, my 5th effort was a success.)

      The 15 keep their distance and hide cammo with a patch of redwood trees.

      Gaston looks over the dino town. It is a primitive pathetic mess of rocks and sticks and thatch and logs.

      Gaston: "No no no, this will not do! Sticks as a foundation for stone structures? The dragons would just burn this right up. Look at this." he pushes a building 20 times his size over. "See? Unstable. I may be strong for my species but if I can do that, imagine what they could do.

      RobinHood: "Start with a stone foundation. I will show you how to make concrete from ash and clay. If you use any wood for support keep it on the inside and over lapped with metal to absorb the heat of flames. Remember, they breath, fire."

      A triceratops: "But we're in the stoneage."

      Gaston: "And I will show you how to make gunpowder so you can close the technological gap. As well as how to make metal to chamber it"

      (This is a shorter version of the comment that was eaten so its less tetius to read.)

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    • After a solid 4 hours of watching them the 15 dragons decide to reveal themselves. Swooping over and landing with a stomp at the entrance to the dinotown.

      Gaston: "Wha? Bbbubut, how? No! Your not suppose to be here yet, we don't have things set up yet."

      Dragon 1: "Listen very carefully…"

      Robin Hood takes aim with his bow. He knows better then to aim for the heart as his arrow would stand slim chance of penetrating a dragon's scales even without additional armor, he takes aim for the eye socket hoping to get an arrow into the dragon's brain, but the dragon shields his eye with a wing then snatches the bow and snaps it.

      Gaston: Yes, you probably think you can just come in with just 15 of you and take us down in one fell swoop, after all its just these savages you are up against right?" He jesters to the dino town patrol who have little more then sticks, rocks, and bones for weapons. "But I'm warning you, we have the magic of the great Maleficent on our side."

      Dragon 1: "Robin Hood, I heard about you from my allies. I thought you were a hero."

      Robin Hood: "Oh yeah? Tell me, would a hero really think that helping the poor really justifies flat out robbing the upper class?"

      Dragon 2: "And you Gaston, you had a chance to join us. We could have paid you more. Why do you work for them?"

      Gaston: "For me its really not about money. I'm already rich, I just don't want to lose everything. You have no idea what the full might of the Disney corporal privet army would be if they didn't have too much on their plate to deal with you flat out. Think of it this way, you ever heard of Disney's cartoon movie Pocahontas? You would think Disney knows nothing of history, John Smith wasn't even around when Pocahontas was an adult. But if you ask me, the true story of John Smith didn't end very well for the king of the Pumunkey. You know why the English won? They had the numbers and technology. My motivation is quite simple you see, I only wish to fight for the winning side. Otherwise I will lose all I have."

      Dragon 3: "Wow, very rymie."

      Gaston: "Originally there was going to be a song sequence but that was cut short for the sake of other readers."

      Dragon 1: "Now, listen, our beloved crown prince knows his treasure is here, and wants it back. This is his message. Either surrender now, and give back what is rightfully his, as well as info on where to find the vulgar filthy disgusting owls under some sick delusion that they are pure, or, your chance to surrender expires with the first rejection of the offer. And, having rejected your chance to surrender, we will give you 2 weeks, and 5 days to finish fortifying your position. And then you know what happens if we have to take this place by force."

      Dragon 3: "And don't try running off to make a better hidden spot. You don't want us telling anyone the great Gaston retreated."

      Dragon 4: "So, what will it be? Now, or in 19 days?"

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    • At that moment, sorcerer Jafar arrives.

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    • The dragons try to ignore him while appearing unintimidated. The question has still not been answered.

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    • Gaston: Later.  

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    • The dragons nod.

      Dragon 2: "I respect your bravery."

      And with that, they fly away.

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    • The first following day the dragons don't bother with building an actual castle to defend their position. The fortifications this time are much more simple, just a single gate for lettingin and out anything that can't be flown over the wall. The wall is just a circle of stone foundations with 4 stone walls on top, a stone roof, then 4stone walls on top of that, and a roof on top of that. Hollow in the middle, with walls just thick enough to resist packaxes, battering rams, or light cannons/trivushays. Rather then putting battlements on it rocks are gathered, crushed, and put in a furnace to melt the iron out of them, and spike fences are placed on top of the walls and around the outside. Then 3 trenches are dug around that. Beside each trench is 3 walls of sandbags.

      For look out about 11 towers are built the same way as a section of walls, except on top of the 1 stone foundation it is 5 floors high, with a roof just right for a human or an orc to stand on top. Tower shields are placed in the place of merlons for cover. No machicolations are needed as they are just behind the walls.

      On the inside for shelter they just set up tents, and have their work station outside of it.

      A camp this basic took literally only 1 day to set up, and use to working much harder longer and while wearing heavier armor no one is even tired when it is finished.

      After a good 7 hour rest the army just passes the time while they wait. Some training, some playing, and some reading is all that is scheduled between meals.

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    • Admiral Hood: "I don't understand, why give them a chance to finish their defenses. Why not crush them while they still can't fight back?"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Because dragons are brave warriors. Brave. To crush them now would make me a coward. What is a dragon without honor? Tell me, where you come from, how are dragons usually portrayed?"

      Admiral Hook: "The most common trope is that a brave knight has to slay a dragon to rescue a princess."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an catches a gag in the middle of his throat, and swallows it back down, ignoring this emotion. "And tell me admiral, when, the dragon begins to lose to this knight, and the chances of the dragon surviving the duel to keep his captive begin more and more to seem impossible, does the dragon fly away to save himself?"

      Admiral Hook: "Er, why no. The dragon sees it through to finish the fight even if it means certain death... but... why?"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Because that is the dragon way. We do not retreat. We don't ever, retreat. But, there are times there is a difference. See these humans?" he jesters a gentle talon toward the ones from Lek'Kai'Am. "The humans from my realm, the second class citizens of the dragon kingdom, they are not like the humans from earth, there isn't a drop of homo-sapien in their ancestry. Their particular race of men, is an endangered species. These ones have been through enough. They have worked, fought, witnessed, and experienced sicknesses from outside of the realm of Lek'Kai'Am. They are now hardened veterans. It is time for them to pass that down. I have a task for you."

      "Take 93% of them, take them onboard every flying ship in the fleet, and take them back to Dragon Mountain to retire from action, and train new soldiers, and to cleave unto their mates and pass down what their souls recall. Then take new humans, as many as you can who are this day turning 20 years of age, and bring them here, and the 7% will train them."

      Admiral Hook: "Yes your majesty."

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    • (Saving the experienced ones for the task of training new recruits is why the USA won against Japan in WWII.)

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    • They turn and look and see a huge fortress that Gaston had secretly made while they were arguing.  

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    • (Intellectual discussion)

      (Also, a bit more in depth description would be desired. It takes me weeks of hard work to make my fortresses and I spare no details.)

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    • Lord of the STARS wrote: (Intellectual discussion)

      (Also, a bit more in depth description would be desired. It takes me weeks of hard work to make my fortresses and I spare no details.)

      (Oh and no I don't mean the weeks it takes for the charicters to construct them. (if you think a pre-industrial civilization can't really construct a fortress in just a few weeks you would be surprised.) I mean it takes me weeks to actually plan how to design them.)

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    • For now the dragons just ignore the enemy fortress. They would like to attack it, but they promised, 19 days until they do, even if they have managed to prepare earlier then expected.

      Besides, the dragons themselves are still preparing. They still have to....

      (This narration is interrupted)

      A human with spiky armor with skulls attached to them is at the gate shouting. At least I think its a human. Its face is very grizzly for a human.

      Ugly spiky armored man: "Hey! I seek your crown prince! I seek to slay him! I am the greatest dragon slayer in the north."

      The gate opens, Prince Arr'Ia'an steps out starring at this gnarly creature unamused.

      Ugly Armored Man: "That's right, come out and face me! I'm hear to slay you! I've slain thousands of dragons! I'm going to slay you so hard!..."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an focuses his vision on the creatures neck.

      "And then when your mother sees what a slain mess you've become..."

      Having focused his energy, Prince Arr'Ia'an stares hard at the creatures neck, and makes a quick jester with his talon, snapping its neck at a distance with his magic.

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Well that was embarrassingly easy."

      Sorren: "Too easy. He was probably just a squire serving as a distraction for the real dragon slayer."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "No doubt. But I'm not done with my book. Call me when he gets here."

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    • The dragons look and two more enemy fortresses have been built since they last looked.  One of them is decked in red and has the ensignia of an elephant on it.  Another is decked in blue and has the ensignia of a donkey.   A fourth enemy fortress is under construction and it has the label of a creepy-looking eye in the middle of a pyramid.  

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    • (Seriously, new rule, if a fortress is without description, neither will be the manner in which it is defeated. Fascist banners don't count, I need proper details. You know like, the walls are lined with glass so humans can't climb up, and they have fire hoses to deal with latter climbers.)

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    • The blue fortress is made of metal but the red fortress is made of rock.

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    • (That was a lot faster then I expected you to reply.)

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    • Sorren: "I'd say we severally underestimated the enemy in the region."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "No kidding, they have Maleficent and Jaffar. From what I studied from allied information those 2 together have over a thousand times more magic then I have, and certainly more then every magic user under my command together."

      Sorren: "But didn't you say The Dragon Shaman was pretty powerful?"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Oh reinforcements are coming alright. But not him. His magic is the only thing keeping modern enemy types from storming mainland Dragon Mountain. If the mountain is lost, the fire goddess's anger will kindle, and the mountain will erupt, so it will be months until we can take it back, and the enemy will try to get their first for the vast treasure.

      Indeed though, reinforcment's will come. I still have contact through a mirror to the Neverland fortress. As Hook returns with fresh recruits as he was told earlier, the wyvrens will join in with some of the others there, they will arrive in 7 hours. We will attack sooner then 7 hours, just the right time for the enemy to at first think we are out numbered, so they can arrive just as we start to crack to fill those cracks, seeing how we fought outnumbered, will demoralize them when suddenly they are out numbered.

      But first, I need one of your owls to scout the forts, to give us an idea what exactly we are dealing with in terms of defense. I'd hate to send a good owl to risk being shot at, but owls are smaller faster targets, and they will be given some enchanted items to help. To ease my conscious, send some one stu… I mean, brave enough to volunteer for infiltration. Any questions?"

      Sorren: "I was wondering, do dragons have a gizzard?"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Nope, like snakes and crocodiles we can quite easily digest bones. We need the calcium for, reasons I don't want to get into. No pellets from us."

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    • At that moment, a large army of hagsfiends comes toward the dragons.  

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    • Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Came to ask for directions I take it? You lost?"

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    • Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Hmm, you know, I don't know why, but I expected them to try to attack us. Human Squire 21, manicure please, style number 16 toothpick."

      He holds out a talon and allows the human to do his claws with a whet stone.

      "Anyway I realized that expecting all the preparation to siege a fort in just 7 hours is unreasonable, something could swoop in suddenly and suck away the time of any one of the workers for that long, so I'd say 11 hours of 5 shift work and then 5 hour rest would be more feasible."

      He tests the filing work by picking between 2 teeth with a claw then jesters approval.

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    • The first hour 2 pairs of very large perfect circles are dug into the ground, circles of a doughnut shape design, perfect smooth, a mix of basalt, garnet, limestone, clay, and flint are melted with carbon and poured in to let cool for an hour, in each pare is 22 of these molds for casting stone.

      Hour 2 holes are drilled into them and steel bars are put through, then heated, bent, and beat flattened onto the edges. Then a layer of spring steel is plated on the outer edge and the inner edge.

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    • Some work steel, some work wood, some work brick and mortar

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    • Lord of the STARS wrote: (Seriously, new rule, if a fortress is without description, neither will be the manner in which it is defeated. Fascist banners don't count, I need proper details. You know like, the walls are lined with glass so humans can't climb up, and they have fire hoses to deal with latter climbers.)

      (I had decided to go ahead and break this rule.)

      (I had decided to use Minecraft to depict the fine details of what they are building, and i do actually have it fnished and the details photographed. it with a camera since my Twitter account is irredemably lost. However for now we are too busy with that egotistical dimension that demands all it seeks to conqure to call it by its self proclaimed title "The real world" to look for the right cord to put those photos on my PC)

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    • What happened to your Twitter account?  (Did they think it was a bot like they did to my main one?)

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    • Yes, and they won't let me re-open it unless I give them my phone number. However, I don't have a phone number. On top of that I tried deleting my history so I would be logged out, then logging back in, only to realize I don't even remember which email account I made just so I can make a twitter account.

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    • Simiarly happened to me.  I had an old phone number in there and had forgotten to update it to the new one.  By the time it let me in to confirm that I wasn't a bot, they had perma-banned me for "violating Twitter's terms of service".

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    • Said terms of service is that you gave them no way of finding your real world identity. You did not allow them to be in control.

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    • I'm upset because the apple tree that we planted two years ago AND the tree I planted in second grade both fell over in the wind today.  

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    • (Ridiculous. Tress falling in the wind.)

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Littlefoot, come hither."

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    • Prince Arr'Ia'an places a basket on a make shift alter of arranged stones, then takes a watering can and gets it wet.

      "Phyro-thee'yee-hes.TA Great Goddess Of Fire, the dragons are but your children. We have no life except it is barrowed from the power of the love in your heart. All things we hold in our talons are not ours except that you have given us talons with to hold them. There for give I to you the only thing that I really own. My time. My patience. My efforts. And my labor."

      This basket took me what was all, and is now most of the time I spent waiting for a answer from Littlefoot. In this basket is my time, my skill, my effort, my patience, as well as my humility in that I have crafted it myself, and have not had it made by a servant. Inside as well, are my teeth which I have plucked out, though dragon teeth grow back I am showing my willingness to fast from feasting until then. In it as well is some of my scales, plucked off, that until they grow back I may endure heat and cold."

      "That weird guy from the lesser world who types what I say as well has given you the offering of his stress, and his patients, in that this isn't his first attempt to type this comment with out his.... uh, computer he calls it, only to shut off on him before he could finish. Though I should not be aware of his existence, how can I not be after all the times it shut off before I could finish talking?"

      "I ask in return that you hear me. Mother of all dragons, I, your humble child, asks that whether we are victorious, or defeated, in the battle for which we struggle to prepare, that yet more information is found on how to rescue members of our kingdom that have been abducted. As well as how to avenge the sins done unto our people. Will you accept my sacrifice, and his?"

      Immediately the basket bursts into flames, and the water as well is licked up, as well as the stones themselves.

      The ashes swirl, and surround the prince, immediately his scales and teeth grow back. "Keep your teeth and scales." says a gentle voice. "I want only what is in your heart."

      At that moment Admiral Hook's fleet returns, and lands. Rockana'se'vudon, the mistress of all smiths in the kingdom, has come with him, and lands.

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Your here?"

      Rockana'se'vudon "I have saw to the crafting of 500 times more weapons armor and ammo then those at the mainland could chew through within the span of a year, so there will be no work for me there, that I may come and be with you my love." She nuzzles him. "How goes the battle?"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Not good, we are delayed until I can get a reply from Littlefoot."

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    • Littlefoot comes by, looking for a thrown pointy seed.

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    • Prince Arr'Ia'an: "By the wind in the sky it took you bloody long enough. I need you to get 2 adult members of your kin. Requirements, they need to be very brave. Brave on a sociopathic level."

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    • Sorren: "Um, on a sociopathic level? What you mean?"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Imagine brave enough to have no fear, no second thoughts when walking strait into.... what was the name of the place you said owls go when they die?"

      Sorren: "Uh, Glamora?"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "No! The other place."

      Sorren: "Um, I'm not sure we can speak of that place on this wikia."

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    • Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Argh! Useless animals! I aught to just turn The Great Valley into a grand market for serving meatballs hot and fresh." He says snorting a billow of smoke.

      Rockana'se'vudon: "Now now, what would your father say?"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: *Sigh* "A prince does not eat his allies."

      Rockana'se'vudon: "That's right."

      Shrek: "By chance, what did you need them for?"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "To be the muscle to push the battering ram up to the structure of enemy fortifications."

      Shrek: "I know just who can help you with that, tell me oh majestic royal dragon, do you know, the muffin man?"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "The muffin man?"

      Shrek: "The muffin man!"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "I'm afraid I do not know the muffin man."

      Shrek: "We'll your going to love him. He currently is at his secret hideout in this world, let me and my friends hop on your shoulder to give us flight, I'll show you where it is. He can provide the muscle you need."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "The muffin man?"

      Shrek: "The muffin man. His recipes are magical literally."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: " Arr'A'Dael, as second hatched of my siblings, I leave you in charge while I go and visit the muffin man. I trust there will not be a repeat of your last watch over a base... What allowed those guys to get past secretary anyway?"

      Prince Arr'A'Dael: "Uh, stealth."

      Shrek Puss and Donkey climb onto Arr'Ia'an's shoulder, Rockana'se'vudon escorts him as they fly away.

      To Be Continued.

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    • The enemy fortress starts firing boiling oil and vaccine needles at the dragons.  

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    • (How would they have been built close enough to be in range without being noticed? Too many inconsistencies already.)

      (Right now I am trying out a new laptop I inherited, it takes a lot longer to load, but is a lot easier to keep turned on)

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    • The dragon fort comes under attack by a Kraken.

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    • (Now that I find more believable.)

      Orcs fire at it from guard towers with bows and muskets while dragons and flying ships take to the sky and shoot at it from above down below.

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    • Meanwhile Prince Arr'Ia'an ,Rockana'se'vudon, Puss, Donkey & Shrek arrive at a area shelved and cuborded by rock, inside is a house with a field of grain, with 3 goats behind fences.

      They land here, setting down their passengers.

      Shrek: "This is the place."

      Ginngy comes out of Shrek's pocket and goes and knocks on the door.

      The Muffin Man: "Giingy?"

      Gingy: "Your in luck today, today's customer is a prince."

      The Muffin Man: "A prince?"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Evening my good man, Arr'Ia'an, of the mountain kingdom."

      The Muffin Man: "Your majesty, how may I take your order?" He says bowing humbly.

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "I have a battering ram that needs 2 very large and very strong creatures to push them, I was told you can supply?"

      The Muffin Man: "What kind of creatures did you have in mind?"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Something the size of a Supersaurus."

      The Muffin Man: "Long necks for pushing? No, how about 2 oxen that size."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "That will work."

      The Muffin Man: "It will take a lot of dough to make cookies that size."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Cookies?"

      Gingy: "Magical cookies such as myself."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Impressive. If you can do that, perhaps an army of cookie soldiers to go with it."

      The Muffin Man: "A lot, of dough, not sure how much would be left at that point..."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: *sets down a 500 pound sack of pure sapphires*

      The Muffin Man: "Its a deal then. What shall said soldiers look like?"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "I don't know, something terrifying, like a hybrid between humans, wolves, bulls, and theropods."

      Rockana'se'vudon: "And I'll craft their weapons and armor."

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    • In time the whole place is filled with the unmistakable sent of baking biscuits.

      Prince Arr'Ia'an eyes the door annoyed that he can't fit inside and view the progress. "How is it going in there?" he asks.

      • Ding*

      Gingy: "Order is ready!"

      Massive cellar doors open and the new army steps out. 2 giant gingerbread oxen, and 50000 creatures described as such from when I asked some ideas

      NanoLancensis wrote: A vaguely erect-postured, furry (err, the fur is made out of icing), wolf-tailed, tyrannosaur-faced thing with horns, thumbs and feet that look like some unholy cross between a bird's talons and a cow's hoof.

      The Muffin Man: "Here is your army noble dragon. Will that be all?"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an eyes the goats mentioned earlier. "May I eat your goats?"

      The Muffin Man: "Afraid not, I need them to supply the milk in my baking."

      Rockana'se'vudon: "3 goats to supply all that milk?"

      The Muffin Man: "There use to be 700. Rustlers."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Pity. Here is something for your tragic loss of herd." he hands him 11 fine rubies.

      The Muffin Man: "On second thought they're all yours."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "2 for you one for me my lady."

      Rockana'se'vudon: "How sweet."

      The Muffin Man: "And here is a basket of free complementary muffins for dessert."

      After some good byes the 2 dragons, Shrek Donkey, and Puss begin their flight back to the camp with the cookie army following to where the forces under the command of Arr'A'Dael unbeknowest to them are currently finishing the fight with the kraken. The Muffin Man is seen waving goodbye as the 2 dragons fly off carrying their friends as his wife is seen putting a sign on the door. "Out Of Stock."

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    • By the time Prince Arr'Ia'an returns he finds workers are cutting up and packing tentacles.

      Prince Arr'A'Dael: "Welcome back brother, hope your hungry for cali...." He stops mid sentence noticing the gingerbread army his older brother brought back....

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: " The battering ram still in tact?"

      Arr'A'Dael nods.

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Battle in 45 minuets.?

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    • MongooseLover wrote: The blue fortress is made of metal but the red fortress is made of rock.

      All the forces under the command of the crown prince begin to head for the metal one.

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Friends in arms, we cannot have the battering ram be on the front line. First, we must soften any defenses they have. You may think it is merely a fight to get back some gems. Disney so far has only been able to throw at us props, unused scrips, and privet corpral army. But that politician they are in league with, is a politician of the USA. The most powerful country on the planet Earth, with technology almost as deadly as our magic."

      "The USA never in their right mind would send the full might of their entire military to bully what they consider a small 3rd world country that never did anything to them over a little clash between us and some of Disney's lackies. That's why they need him. Their little pet will be used to make them do it anyway, and then we will be outnumbered 10000 to 1."

      "Send first the wyvrens with riders, dragons, and all the flying ships. Attack only the battlments at the top of that wall. Remember, the more of a castle you fly over the more you put yourself in range to be fired at from. Stay at that section."

      "As I speak the orcs are tunneling to the foundation of that wall, planting explosives. The moment they go off first line is archers, fire at the ground ahead, to comb for land mines."

      "As the battering ram gets close use your fire to heat the wall, warping the metal."

      "Remember, metal has better tinsel strength then stone, but worse concessive strength. Once we breach the other side, back up the battering ram, and finish the last layer with explosives. If it was stone that would leave a pile of rubble blockading us. We will just have a nice hole with a roof for cover to pour into."

      "And, in 7, 6, 5, 4.... 3 2..... Why is there no boom? Go check the charge, maybe they...."

      The sound of an explosion can be heard, steam rises from the dirt surrounding the outer section of wall.

      The army mobilizes.

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    • Fifteen battle droids with electric shield advance toward the dragons.  

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    • The ones in the battering ram just ignore them, that thing's armor is 5 feet of stone bricks over 3 and a half feet of steel with a 3 and a half foot thick wooden frame, with murder holes at the bottom incase some one goes over it, arrow slits at the sides, and castle like battlements at the top, with cannon platforms behind them. A little hot plasma won't effect that thing, although the ginger bread creatures pushing it at the back have no cover.

      For that a shield wall of orcs blocks off the way to get behind it. Their shields are enchanted to have a high melting point to resist.

      The dragons in the air however, take their time swooping down and snatching up boulders into their hind talons to drop on them. Though some of the shots do leave parts of them 2cond degree singed.

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      The flying ships however see no reason to pay ground resistance mind, Hook valiantly leads them in formation to fire upon the battlement section of the wall, firing cannons onto them as well as musket balls, as dragons rain down fire and darts.

      Mean while that battering ram is getting closer, and the ginger bread soldiers are following it, armored in full plate and carrying halberds.

        Loading editor
    • Prince Arr'Ia'an's voice can be heard across the fort as bright red flares are fired at the walls from all closest lines at once to confuse and disorientate them drums play loudy

      "Just a reminder, your chance to surrender has expired."

        Loading editor
    • Soon the battering ram as instructed does not bother with going anywhere near a gate, no, it goes right for the wall. Hook's fleet continues to keep any and all opposition away from this section by sniping them as they dare to approach.

      The dragons operating the battering ram unleash flames onto the fortress wall, turning the metal red hot. They continue to heat the wall, heating it until most of them have run out of fire.

      Then the crew grip the levers, pushing back and pulling forward as one. The thunderous sound, like a hammer striking hot iron on an anvil, fills the night.

      With each pounding the wall dints, creating a path with in the machine goes deeper. Deeper, Deeper it penetrates, working its way inside. Pounding. Pounding with each trust of the battering ram against the metal. And like a war hammer, all focused with pin point accuracy on a small spot at a time, like a giant pickaxe, cutting its way in.

      Again the dragons unleash flame, heating the metal, making it expand, turning it red hot before the pounding continues.

      Voices cry out "Harder! Harder!" as the crew pound tirelessly, fueled by a thirst for vengeance for all the trouble they went through, until at last, one more pound, and there is the other side. A breach.

      The machine is pulled back

      Massive steel powder barrels are put inside the cavity. Soon, over 50000 pounds of powder, not counting the weight of the barrels, are put inside, a fuse lit.

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Just think, if the walls were stone, there would be a pile of rubble right there." He laughs.

      The powder explodes, creating a cover of a fog of smoke.

      "Go my cookie army, on the front lines! Then orcs, then men. Shut down their anti air defenses!"

      Cookie Soldiers: *Inhuman roaring*

      In they go.

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    • (I'd have finished this myself by now, but I kinda want to see their face when they die.)

        Loading editor
    • The tower starts to explode, having been loaded with dynamite.  The battering ram is ruined and several dragons are trapped in rubble, though still alive.  

        Loading editor
    • Several cookie men are dead, and one giant one falls over, muttering "Beeeee gooooood!"

        Loading editor
    • (So they accepted their fait and initiated self destruct. Classic.)

      Everyone immediately focuses on unburying them.

        Loading editor
    • They find, much to thier shock, that the bad owls and a bunch of others had escaped before the tower blew up.   There is a secret tunnel undertneath leading away.   Only a few bad guys, who were unfrotunate enough to be made to stay behind as a deception, were killed.

        Loading editor
    • A Viking decides to step in and see what is there.

        Loading editor
    • (And I guess whatever he finds is left up to the imagination.)

      "So, one down, one to go. When shall we siege the other one?" A dragon asks.

      Prince Arr'Ia'an looks at the condition of the battering ram.

      "You know, I had almost forgotten we built 2. But we should take a break for 5 hours. Deal with wounds, recover supplies, repair equipment."

      Rockana'se'vudon: "During that time, I will take command of 1/7th of the smiths. I've put together a blueprint for a new musket. It consists of 2 sets of 9 revolving 45 caliber barrels. I'll also have some special balls for it to fire. The shell high carbon castiron for breaking tough material, but soft led in the middle for it to mushroom. A good few hundred of these can be made by then. We brought plenty of powder with us."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Oh yeah, forgot to check if more powder was brought before I had the alchemists make some makeshift powder."

        Loading editor
    • MongooseLover wrote:

       There is a secret tunnel undertneath leading away.   

      Lord of the STARS wrote: A Viking decides to step in and see what is there.

      (Whatever is there, I guess... continues to be up to the imagination.)

      In a unexpected twist, completely out of character, the dragons decide to just go for it without a plan. 2777 of the dragons form 35 V formations and fly over the stone fortress. As they fly over they have 500 pound grenades clutched in their hind talons, griped onto bar handled bits beside the fuse. They use their fire to light the fuse before dropping it.

      500 pound grenades

      After dropping them they then drop flechetts onto the fortress as well.

        Loading editor
    • As the dragons go back and return to reload and zero in for the next attack everything suddenly flashes.

      There is no smoke. No fire. No damage to the buildings. No carnage. This was just an allusion to test the forts anti air defenses. However seeing a complete absance of reaction from the enemy the dragons are swooping in.

      This time the attack is real. Real bombs are really dropped with no one and nothing to stop them. Flechetts following.

      Shrapenal and fire consume the ground, leveling buildings that had been expected to have turrets. And then the dragons themselves come down and roast the ground with their flames. They search a moment while only a dozen feet off the ground.

      The fleet of flying ships then comes over and the crew toss down grenades, seed oil, molitovs, and rain down arrows and grapeshot.

      About 7 minuets pass to let the ground cool as the ships gain altitude and deploy the remaining gingerbread soldiers by parachute armed with halberds as well as 55 human and 55 orc gun teams to search for if anything has taken refuge in cellers.

        Loading editor
    • ...…...……...…

      MongooseLover wrote: They turn and look and see a huge fortress that Gaston had secretly made while they were arguing.

      MongooseLover wrote: The dragons look and two more enemy fortresses have been built since they last looked.  One of them is decked in red and has the ensignia of an elephant on it.  Another is decked in blue and has the ensignia of a donkey.   A fourth enemy fortress is under construction and it has the label of a creepy-looking eye in the middle of a pyramid.  

      (I had forgotten there were 3, not 2 but 3.)

      Realization dawns that the first 2 forts existed only to buy the main one more time.

      But for now, every one is tired, and must rest before taking on the real target.

        Loading editor
    • (I am going to wait until you have time and read some other adventures to keep myself entertained. )

      Lord of the STARS wrote:

      MongooseLover wrote:

       There is a secret tunnel undertneath leading away.   

      Lord of the STARS wrote: A Viking decides to step in and see what is there.

      (Whatever is there, I guess... continues to be up to the imagination.)

      In a unexpected twist, completely out of character, the dragons decide to just go for it without a plan. 2777 of the dragons form 35 V formations and fly over the stone fortress. As they fly over they have 500 pound grenades clutched in their hind talons, griped onto bar handled bits beside the fuse. They use their fire to light the fuse before dropping it.

      500 pound grenades

      After dropping them they then drop flechetts onto the fortress as well.


      (If you want when we contenue we can rewind back to when the air defense was tested with an alusion and give this fort a chance to actually react to it.)

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    • Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Its fine, take all the time you need. I can occupy myself. After all, dragons never grow old."

        Loading editor
    • An army of 20 Godzillas and Demigodzillas marches toward the dragons.

        Loading editor
    • A new dragon appears in the sky, despite being female she is even brighter and more colorful then the male dragons, though lacking the crest male dragons possess, and her scales glow with a radiant light.

      As she begins to land she immediately begins to transform, taking human form. As she does so all around her is engulfed in flames, the fire works its self into strings, and strings into a radiant cloth that cloths her. As her transformation finishes, she is beautiful even in human form, despite how difficult that is to accomplish.

      At the sight of her the dragons bow down.

      "Fear not my children, for I am with you." she says in a voice that sounds as though 100000 voices all speak as one.

      The zilla army all blast her with the full might of their breath, leaving a crater where she stands, yet, she is unharmed.

      Suddenly phenixes, fire giants, lava golems, griffins with feathers that burn, yet are not consumed by the flames, and large theropods with burning scales join in.

        Loading editor
    • The Godzilla army walks past her and moves toward the other dragons.

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    •   Loading editor
    • Dragon Bard: "Wait a minuet I have a hunch. Wish me luck if this a bad idea I may become lunch."

      He says in song before setting forth, and allowing the Godzilla army to approach him.

      They approach and look at him. One then picks him up and sets him on his shoulder, and scratches under his chin, cooing to him gently.

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: ".... This is probably the stupidest thing you have ever done.... You better hope you have high charisma because they might just be playing with their food."

      (You can kill him off if you want, but don't think death is enough to shut him up if that's how this goes.)

        Loading editor
    • MongooseLover wrote:
      Look what I found:

      I still like how Bovus just reuses T. rex roars from the Jurassic series; did they run out of creature sounds, so they had to take audio from the other Universal dinosaur franchise?

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    • That is so desperate XD

        Loading editor
    • I just had a thought. There is a popular meme where a human bard tries to seduce a dragon or die trying, so if this time the bard is a dragon and there is a Godzilla...

      Fill free to make a black box joke if you see how this can go.

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    • One Godzilla falls asleep.

        Loading editor
    • The mysterious new dragon and her fire elementals disappear.

      Rockana'se'vudon: "I get it, they are only hostile if they feel threatened first."

        Loading editor
    • 4 days latter Prince Arr'Ia'an is with 16 other dragons at a table, each have their talons full of cards with various images on them.

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Hmmm, I'll wager against your orc fighting a hydra with my pair of mating unicorns." he says setting a card with 2 unicorns mating in the reveled cards pile.

      Dragon 11: "Not fair!... How am I suppose to beat that?"

      Dragon 7 snickers while eyeing his own cards, anticipating his turn.

        Loading editor
    • A Godzilla knocks over the card table.

        Loading editor
    • Prince Arr'Ia'an: "I know, I know, but its not gambling if its not for money.... winner gets the entire keg of brandy to themselves."

        Loading editor
    • The Godzilla: "Raw'R Aaah Ah Grr uu."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an "Yes yes, playing games isn't the best thing to do when there is so much of the kingdom that still needs saved, I'm aware of that. But there hasn't been a whole heap of activity that can make doing something about it possible."

      The Godzilla: "RAa'al-mmGmm"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Try inviting more people to join the RP? But who could I convince to come?"

      The Godzilla: "Grr'Aaah'Uumnmn."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Ridiculous, they would never be interested in something like this."

      The Godzilla: "RawRgle Gr'ah Raw HmhmmMMmn?"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Yes, I'm not even going to try. What hope is there they will even have the time?"

      The Godzilla: *Snort* "Grre'Ye'Yar'AAAAAHHHHRRRLg-nNNNnmmMMMMMmmmm!"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Woe watch the language!"

        Loading editor
    • "Hello," they whispered, ever so faintly. They had returned once more to the site in which many of their friendships originated from.

        Loading editor
    • Prince Arr'Ia'an: *To Dragon 7* "You, go catch some fresh game so I can welcome my friend with a proper feast."

        Loading editor
    • Dragon 7: (Mishears Prince whatshisface due to godzilla roars) (Pulls out a golf club)  You wanna play golf?  

        Loading editor
    • The Friend: "You'll have to forgive me, I'm unfamiliar with these types of discourse. I see you've some sort of paty here?" * searches for a seat*

        Loading editor
    • Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Long story, but long story short, we are at war, it started with unprovoked barbaric attacks. Yes, you heard correct, a typical spring."

        Loading editor
    • The Friend: "At war with whom? Barbarians?"

        Loading editor
    • Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Aliens from another dimension. Their technology is to be feared and respected, but up until recently it was no match for our magic. But now, we face some of the mightiest sorcerers ever known."

        Loading editor
    • The Friend: "I see. Do we know who these aliens are? And, I'm not well versed in the arcane, I must say."

        Loading editor
    • Fire of Dawn wrote: The Friend: "I see. Do we know who these aliens are? And, I'm not well versed in the arcane, I must say."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Introduce yourself, give us a bit of backstory.

      He taps a mirror, it begins to swirl with light. "Show him how it all began."

        Loading editor
    • "My name is Fa'Zehqu. I come from a land very far and very unlike this one. Magic is non-existant there, but the advances in science my civilization has made makes our lives feel nearly as if they could be magical. Yet instead, most of my race lives by means of survival. I suppose power has been in the wrong hands for far too long. My arrival here, while unprecedented, could perhaps shed some light into the finer machinations of what it truly means to... live."

        Loading editor
    • Prince Arr'Ia'an: "What it means, different for each of us, but easy to find out. What it does not mean is when life becomes difficult. For me, my destiny is to one day be king of the dragons of the mountain. By law, 80 years, then the power goes to another. But, should I survive that long, what will I do until something eventually bests me? After all, this law is merely to get empathy from creatures that are able to die from something as fragile as getting old. Many of my friends may be gone, while I remain young, and what then?"

      "Will I fly forth to see the rest of the world, as my grandparents have already? I'd dream of it every night. Except for reasons I do not understand, I cannot fly in a dream."

        Loading editor
    • Five Rainbow Face aliens arrive.

        Loading editor
    • No one seems to notice them at first, everyone is focused on a book.

        Loading editor
    • Rainbow Face: What are you reading?

      Dragon: Rule by Secrecy.   It's a book on the New World Order.

      Rainbow Face: Fascinating.

        Loading editor
    • Dragon 2: "Anything to take our minds off of hunger. Food supply ran low again. As they say in the land where I am from, I'm so hungry I can eat a Roc."

        Loading editor
    • Chomper: It's the covid mess.    They're messing with the food supply under cover of it.

        Loading editor
    • Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Actually its because this RP is not designed to pause and with 1 player leaving a comment per month it becomes difficult to get up and do something enough times to go and get enough food for this many creatures."

        Loading editor
    • Manna begins raining from the sky.

        Loading editor
    • Immediately everyone begins gathering it up into smokehouses to preserve as much as possible before deciding to put what don't fit onto dining tables.

        Loading editor
    • Guido: Why are they putting mana in smokehouses?   It's bread.

        Loading editor
    • To which one of the dragons answers "What do you know about bread? Your people don't even have recipes aside for food from eating it. I'll show you. Catch me some of your favorite bugs. You'll see why when i demonstrate."

        Loading editor
    • LittleFoot: "Hey, um, Prince however its pronounced, we were wondering, Saurus Rock has been damaged again, and I recall you saying you shed teeth quite frequently, so, maybe a royal tooth to repair the...."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "No!. We do not love The Flattooth Gods."

      Rockana'se'vudon: "You know, maybe you shouldn't say that, they might stop supporting us."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Eh, I doubt they will take it that far. It will be fine, what's one less tooth for their stupid monument?"

        Loading editor
    • Littlefoot: Don't worry, I can find one.  (Gets plyers and pulls out one of the prince's teeth.)  I heard that yours grow back anyway.

        Loading editor
    • Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Ok I deserved that, but yeah they do so..."

      Littlefoot: "I understand, your just upset. You feel the same way i do."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "What do you mean?"

      Littleffoot: "Bron has been captured, Shorty as well."

      Shorty's voice in the backgrround: "Actually I'm still here."

      Littlefoot: "Some times I can still here his voice."

      Shorty's voice: "Not much longer, I'm going to look for him."

        Loading editor
    • Littlefoot: I'll go with you.

        Loading editor
    • Following Shorty, they follow the guys who took Bron and end up coming here

        Loading editor
    • Littlefoot: What's going on?

        Loading editor
    • Bron is in a cadge in the biggest tent.

      "Come one come all, see a real living breathing dinosaur, guaranteed real or your money back." a voice shouts.

        Loading editor
    • Littlefoot: Ok bub, party's over!  Release my dad now!   (Smashes cage walls with big tail)

        Loading editor
    • A bunch of humans: "Look, there are more of them! Get them! Cadge them!"

      Suddenly they start tossing ropes on Littlefoot & Rhett like this.

        Loading editor
    • (Relax, I'm not going to let them lose)

        Loading editor
    • Chomper arrives and bites the ropes loose.

        Loading editor
    • The carnies have decided enough is enough, and bring out the big guns.... literally... They... They point rifles at them ok?

      But as they fire something suddenly lands in front of them casting a powerful spell, causing all the trank darts to suddenly move very slowly before suddenly dropping to the ground.

      Littlefoot: "And just when I was sure you let us face these guys single handedly."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Nah, I was watching. I had faith you'd make it this far on your own is all.

      Circus Master Who's Name Either Escapes Me Or He Probably Never Had One For All I Know: "A dragon! A real live dragon!"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Um, wait what? Why does that surprise you?"

      Circus Master: "Get them! All of them! A show they could provide can be remembered for millenniums!"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Woe hold on time out. Do I look like a slave to you? Now tell me freak show leader, you seem surprised to even see a dragon. Tell me, if that is the case, do you know the first thing about dragons?"

      Circus Master: "Well lets see, they fly, they breath fire..."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Exactly. Observe."

      He then unleashes leaping flames onto a tent.

      Circus Master: "Stop. STOP! DO you have any idea how much circus tents cost?"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "You are the one who has the power to stop the flames from spreading."

      At that moment a clown fire engine with clown fire fighters pops up, and they attach the fire house to the gas tank by mistake, causing the fire to burn the tent instantly but with no more fuel the fire stops.

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Wow.... Your soldiers aren't very competent."

      Circus Master: "Well they are clowns so...."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "Here is the deal, I will count backwards from 5 seconds, and each time you do not surrender before I say 1, another tent will erupt in flames."

      Circus Master: "Ha! I will NEVER surrender!"

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "5... 4..."

      Circus Master: "Wait, lets make a deal..."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "3... 2..."

      Circus Master: "Alright alright, security, let them leave."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an: "See? Was that so hard?"

      (This was alot shorter in my head a couple weeks ago.)

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    • 5 weeks pass, many things have happened which I will reveal latter.

        Loading editor
    • 10 bad guy towers have been built.   One is made of tungesten.  Another is made of poppy flowers and poison ivy.    One is made of force field walls with Star Trek technology.    Another is made of brick.   Another is simpy made of wood.    The rest are all made of castle stone.  

        Loading editor
    • Prince Arr'Ia'an eyes the one made of wood.

      "No way can they be stupid enough it think that will hold, not be stupid enough think it bait we will fall for."

        Loading editor
    • Prince Arr'Ia'an and Minecraft Steve are laying together the following evening on couches at a table, each with a mug of sweet berry juice.

      "You know something I been wondering?" The prince begins while looking up at the stars, the glare of the outdoor kitchen fire illuminating his face.

      "You have some pretty incredible power. You can punch down trees with your bare knuckles, recover from injury in seconds, lift and carry 45,702.2T of gold while sprinting at full speed, why is it then, despite this incredible strength, you are only able to hold your breath for 11 seconds before you start to take damage?"

      Minecraft Steve: "Oh. See, I started smoking at an early age... wait, was that a post on the LOAST RP?"

        Loading editor
    • A bad guy hides by them with a recorder.   Having picked up the information about him only able to hold his breath for 11 seconds, he sneaks off back to bad guy HQ, now schemeing t have him trapped underwater for a full minute.   

        Loading editor
    • Tomorrow morning Arr'Ia'an happens to come across where it hit... he stops a moment, sniffing the ground...

      "Hey by chance, did we have any new guests last night?"

        Loading editor
    • Lord of the STARS wrote: 5 weeks pass, many things have happened which I will reveal latter.

      (Btw are you actually interested in hearing about it?)

        Loading editor
    • (No? Not at all? Eh, sew it yourself.)

        Loading editor
    • The dragon prince suddenly finds himself tied to weights and trapped underwater, forced to hold his breah.  

        Loading editor
    • (lol idiots. Steve was the one who said he could only hold his breath for 11 seconds. Dragons however could hold their breath for over an hour. Though it could be used that way, this ability isn't for going under water, its for flying at an altitude where the air is too thin to breath.(which is pretty high considering their natural habitat is mountain tops)

      The prince just lays there a moment, angry as a wasp who's nest was peed on in unison by 20 human children. Wondering how in the name of the fire goddess he got here. But he is doing his best to keep cool, to conserve his breath. At first he tries using his magic to move the wights, but they only glow with a light that indicates rival magic is canceling out his spell.

      That not working, he takes a moment to try to think of what to do now. He starts with examining the restraints, to see if they are rope or chain.

        Loading editor
    • A mermaid comes by.

      "Oh greetings fair one, what are you doing down here? I thought dragons belonged in the sky."

      Prince Arr'Ia'an points to the things he is bind to.

      Not understanding what the dragon is gesturing the mermaid just keeps talking.

      "I am Aquata, crown princess of Atlantica. Future queen of the sea. And you are?"

      Arr'Ia'an just glares at her, angry that this little idiot doesn't seem to

      understand that he is going to drown if she don't shut up and do something. 

      Aquata: "Oh right, you surface dwellers have a bit of trouble speaking under water for some reason. Now lets see, what was that thing Grandma said to do should I ever see a surface dweller

      Prince Arr'Ia'an just glares harder then ever, steam billowing from his nostrils.

      Aquata: "Something wrong?"

      Again he points to the restraints.

      Aquata: "Oh! Hold on I know just the thing to fix that. Be right back."

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    • (Space bar suddenly refused to work while I was typing that so I had to press it with enter, that's why the sudden broken scrolling thing)

        Loading editor
    • Princess Aquata returns with her father King Triton, he points his trident at the bindings and fires a gravity beam, at first the binding makes that shimmer of magic canceling out magic, but Triton's Trident was passed down to him by Poseidon and was crafted by Hephaestus. The bindings snap, Triton then lifts the dragon prince out of the water and into the sky with a gravity beam from the trident.

      Having taken to the sky, he can now unleash his anger of the attempt on his life.

      MongooseLover wrote:   Another is made of poppy flowers and poison ivy.     

      He goes for this one first. As he flies in they try firing bails of poison ivy at him, which he just ignores, because human skin is the only skin weak enough to be vulnerable to the toxic acidic oils is poison ivy.

      He sores in and unleashes hot flames, burning it up, then flying off before he could smell the toxic smoke.

      He goes for this one next, too enraged to consider the possibility that either of the 2 are a trap, as it seems too simple that the material can be burned

      MongooseLover wrote:    Another is simpy made of wood.     

      as he sores in he dodges the projectiles aimed at him like a pro, and unleashes flames on this, setting it alight before then heading off.

      MongooseLover wrote:  One is made of tungesten.  Another is made of poppy flowers and poison ivy.    One is made of force field walls with Star Trek technology.   

      These 2 he has the godzilla army help him with, figuring them the biggest threat, the godzillas simply come into range and all blast them with the full might of their atomic breath at once, as the prince fires lightening bolts from his sword-staff with it.

      After this he returns to base and lays down to rest. The adrenaline already starting to crash.

        Loading editor
    • The wooden fort happened to hold prisoners, which he just had killed with his fire.

        Loading editor
    • (Some how that was my first guess. When he finds out it will take him a while to be able to process that mentally.)

        Loading editor
    • Suddenly there is a report that this sick trick has backfired. 11.47% of the enemy forces didn't get the memo in reguards to the plan, and in dismoral have fled the battlefield having figured the dragons would ignore hostages, and that they are that much less sheltered, and along with having seen the 2 strongest forts get decimated.

      Along with this a additional 21% of the enemy are having trouble getting to sleep during their break shift.

        Loading editor
    • The enemy forces head into a swamp with gated walls and lots of guard gators that says "Washington DC.  Watch your step.  Political promises litter ground."

        Loading editor
    • The summer day has been cloudy, yet temperatures have managed to reach 135, enough sun piercing the thick clouds to scorch skin.

      But as night comes in, and the rain comes down, it is still hot. It is misty.

      The mosquitoes in the swamp buzz about the business of frogs.

      Suddenly the enemy hear the human sound of footprints walking in the mud of the swamp.

      Sqish Sqash Sqwelch

      A little girl's voice cries out. Her voice is recognized as one of the prisoners from the wooden tower.

      "Daddy? ... Daddy? Where are you?" she cries out.

      Some of the enemy soldiers look around, but all they see is an erry glow in the mist of the fog where the voice is coming from.

      "Daddy? Is that you?"

      Out of no where the sound of a church bell rings.

      A man's voice calls out

      "Who is that? Who is calling me? My daughter? My wife?"

      At that moment a crack of lightening.

      A second man's voice is heard as bushes are brushed away, and footprints left but vanishing, yet no one is seen their but a dim glow. The voice is recognized as one of the bad guys from the poison ivy tower.

      "Little one, go home. Your father is home with you. Friends, can you here me? I am here. My body is gone but I am here. I have come back to let you know I am dead. I am in Hell."

      For a moment the whole world is quite, as though the frogs and rain pauses.

      With a flash of lightening the disembodied voice continues to speak.

      "It was a senseless death. Senseless. But when I realized the truth, it was too late. Too late!"

      The man's illuminated transparent figure walks over to the gate now, barely visible, outline blinking from time to time. The eyes are doll like and almost impossible to see.

      "Friends, while you are still alive, there is a chance that you can be reunited with your loved ones! Do you hear what I say?"

      3 .... then 45.... then 55 ghostly figures begin to emerge as well.

      "Go home my friends!"

      "Go home!"

      "Go Home!"

        Loading editor
    • For an hour the ghosts disappear and go quite, but a new sound is heard.

      A battle in the distance.

      But who is fighting who?

        Loading editor
    • MongooseLover wrote: The enemy forces head into a swamp with gated walls and lots of guard gators that says "Washington DC.  Watch your step.  Political promises litter ground."

      45 minuets before sunrise a large ground force of humanoid artillery moves under the cover of stealth and foliage. What form of humanoid is unclear, but they seem to see in the dark.

      Before anyone has a clue of their position, they ready catapults. Loading them with a special something to help them wake up.

      Very large paper sacks layered with 15 more paper sacks middle layer filled with dried out ogre excrement from lactose intolerant ogres who ate 5 pounds of cheese and drank 5 pounds of milk from cows. This is mixed with dried stink weed, dried ghost peppers, brimstone, and the oil of unlit dragon fireballs to help it burn.

      Rounds loaded, the paper is light on fire, and flung over the walls and into the enemy camp.

      The platoon then retreats before there can be any form of retaliation.

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    • MongooseLover wrote: The enemy forces head into a swamp with gated walls and lots of guard gators that says "Washington DC.  Watch your step.  Political promises litter ground."

      Hours after morning the enemy forces have one by 1 had members of their.... forces disappear 1 by 1.

      Most squads who have tried going to look for them have disappeared also.

      But one search party has found them. Their bodies are tied to saplings. None of them have disappeared because they have been taken prisoner, they are all here dead and tied to saplings.

      On examination the cause of death is a puncture from an arrow. At least this means they had not felt a thing, nor known they been picked off. Their bodies have simply been tied to saplings so they would eventually be found.

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    • MongooseLover wrote: The enemy forces head into a swamp with gated walls and lots of guard gators that says "Washington DC.  Watch your step.  Political promises litter ground."

      The sun set of next night has come to an end. The Great Dragon Prince Arr'Ia'an's forces have been ordered to give the enemy a special something to help them sleep.

      Wild cows have been hunted and killed.

      This is difficult as dragons do not normally kill mega fauna without eating them. It goes against every instinct given to them by the holy goddess of flame.

      The slain wild cows have been stuffed with commo meal, lotus berries, narco berries, and lavender, so that as the fumes are breathed in the enemy feel a bliss, yet are just self conscious enough to argue with them self of the wrongness of feeling bliss despite what they will be smelling. Rotting flesh.

      For the dead cows during morning have been left in a creek draining off from the sewer of a city. To be infested with rat tail maggots. A splash potion of decay had been put in the water as well so that though it stews for 1 day, it is as though it had stewed for a week.

      In the cover of night and stealth orcs sneak within range of the enemy walls, and load the dead cows into catapults. And just before flinging them, they pee on them for a final measure.

      The dead cows are launched over the walls. The drugged fumes both make the enemy feel a form of bliss making it a struggle to even care that they are breathing in such stench, while also making it hard to stay awake.

      The strike force retreats before there could be any form of retaliation.

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    • MongooseLover wrote: The enemy forces head into a swamp with gated walls and lots of guard gators that says "Washington DC.  Watch your step.  Political promises litter ground."

      Late noon of next day, 75 dragons fly over the walls dodging the anti air fire like pros.

      Each one carrying a huge bag weighing 1742 pounds.

      They spill out the contents of the bags, dropping millions of lemmings into the enemy base.

      The lemmings fall from 381 yards and when they hit the ground they take no fall damage... you know.... because they are lemmings.... and promptly groom their noses in confusion and scamper off.

      But there is something very special about these lemmings. Each has hundreds if not thousands of passengers in their fur.


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    • As some of the enemy scientists examine some of the captured lemmings they find that they have been infused with a love potion. They will breed much quicker then normal while the fleas feed on their blood and do the same.

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    • MongooseLover wrote: The enemy forces head into a swamp with gated walls and lots of guard gators that says "Washington DC.  Watch your step.  Political promises litter ground."

      After a few more hours the 75 dragons make a return with the same sacks. As they fly over they have something special.

      Workers have worked to use smoke to drive yellowjackets into their hives after which the hives have been sealed with bottle corks so they cannot come out.

      Hundreds of thousands of these yellowjacket hives are dropped onto the enemy forces hiding within the walls, adding the element of wasp stings to that of flea bites.

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