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The Star Day Celebration is the third episode of the children's animated television series, The Land Before Time. It originally aired on January 12th, 2007 in Canada. The plot involves Ruby feeling nostalgic and sad, and thinking about her wonderful past Star Day (birthday) memories, while the others plan the perfect Star Day gift for her.


As the gang play a game involving shadow figures on a rock, a strange figure thrashing around frightens them into hiding, until they find out that it is Cera; she took a shortcut and somehow got a tree branch stuck on her horn. After they pull it off for her, Ruby notices a specific star in the sky, which she tells the others is her "Star Day" (birthday) star.

She then explains that it can only be seen on three nights between cold times (winter), and is used as an astronomical marker of the day she hatched. She then says that it will be her star day when the star is in the position it was in on the day she hatched.

She then grows nostalgic upon noting that it will be her first star day without her family. She recalls that it was on her last star day that she saw them for the final time, before being attacked by Red Claw, Screech and Thud. They soon escape, and she travels with Chomper to the Great Valley. She then leaves the group, to have some time alone.

The gang decide to throw a surprise "Giving Ceremony" for Ruby on her star day, in which they will give her her favorite food. The next morning, while Ruby bathes, the gang heads off to gather some sweet bubbles (grapes), her favorite food, at the Sheltering Grass. After a brief struggle on a cliff near the fast water, they make it to the Sheltering Grass, where they find that Kosh is hogging all of the sweet bubbles.

They try in vain to persuade him to share some, until Ducky mentions they need the sweet bubbles for Ruby's star day. Knowing the importance of star days, Kosh sympathizes and lets them take as many as they wish.

The gang still isn't entirely prepared for the giving ceremony, and at that moment Ruby wishes to spend some time with them. Littlefoot, Ducky and Chomper stall her, but leave her downhearted when they tell her that they are too tired to play.

Ruby decides to go to her Thinking Place and watch her Star Day star for the rest of the day, but when she gets there, a minor avalanche occurs. She narrowly escapes it, but ends up trapped in a cave. The others find her and help to move the boulder blocking her way out.

When the gang return to the location where they chose to hold Ruby's Giving Ceremony, they find that the rockslide crushed most of the sweet bubbles. Ruby eats the ones which are still alright, and realizes that the most important part of her star day is to spend time with those who care for her, and feels happier. She and the others then sit together, watching her Star Day star all night.

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The Star Day Celebration has a current rating of 9.4/10 at, based on ten votes.[1]


  • Star Day is a similar celebration comparable to our world's birthdays.
  • This is the first appearance of Ruby's Thinking Place.
  • Ruby's parents and siblings can be seen in flashbacks of this episode. Jeff Bennett voiced her siblings, but was uncredited.
  • Kosh the Clubtail is voiced by Pete Sepenuk.
  • Screech is incorrectly credited as "Howler" in this episode. This may have been an early name that was changed during production.
  • Ruby's father says that she had to learn how the dinosaurs in the Great Valley work together. Then, Ruby's mother says that that knowledge could one day save them, but Chomper speaks she does.
  • Before a commercial break starts, after Ruby shouts "HELLLLLLLLP!", she then screams, but on the Wal-Mart Exclusive DVD, it just skips to the next scene.
  • This is one of four episodes on the Good Times & Good Friends DVD.
  • Ruby is the only one of the Prehistoric Pals who has yet been depicted celebrating their birthday.



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