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The Mysterious Beyond is a commonly recurring location in The Land Before Time. As the name implies, it is the land beyond the Great Valley that is shrouded in mystery. While it is certain there are many Leaf Eaters in the Mysterious Beyond, they are very rarely seen and Sharpteeth are extremely common.

Most of the Mysterious Beyond is dry with few plants, but more recently less barren areas have been seen, some just as fertile as the Great Valley itself. In most of the movies and many episodes of the TV series, Littlefoot and his friends have to travel through parts of the Mysterious Beyond to reach their goal. The Mysterious Beyond has been seen in every single film, and the only film the main characters did not leave the Great Valley was in The Land Before Time XI: Invasion of the Tinysauruses.


Sharpteeth in the Mysterious Beyond

TV Series

Area from first film

Skeleton Area

The Mysterious Island

Desolate Area

Abandoned area of the Great Valley in VI

Area from IX

Area from X

Icky Gooey Place

Jungle Area

The Land of the Featherhead Sharpteeth

Desert Shrubland Area