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Narrator: Our world has been in existence for billions of years, and in all that time, it has gone through many changes, both big and small. Continents grow and move. Temperatures rise to steamy hot and fall, turning the Earth into a world of snow and ice. Species of animals come, flourish and go. Yes, the Earth is very different than it was in the days of the dinosaurs. But one thing that has remained the same since the time of the dinosaurs is the fact that everything is always changing.

Littlefoot: Do you see anything yet, Ducky?

Ducky: I do not see anything at all. Nope, nope, nope. Huh? [ Gasps ] I mean, yup, yup, yup. I do. I DO see something at all.

Spike: [ Grunts ]

Ducky: WATCH IT! Spike!

Spike: [ Mutters ]

Ducky: You know I do not like it when I get bumped-ed off of things. [ Gasps ]

And now I do not see what I think I saw before.

Littlefoot: Hey! I wonder where Cera is. She should have been here by now.

Cera: Hey, Tria, what are you doing?

Isn't it beautiful?

You planning to stare at it till it hatches?

Hey, I can if I want to.

I know. I know.

Oh, Toppsie.

Who do you think it's gonna look like, you or me?

You, I hope.

Well, yeah, me, too.

Is it okay if I go meet Littlefoot and the others?

We wanna watch Petrie practice for the Day of the Flyers.

I said, I'm gonna go find my friends.

Do you think it's cold?

Do you think it needs more grass on top?

No, it's fine.

I think it's cold. Come on.

- Tria, I really don't

- Toppsie, did you lay this egg?

- No, but I was

- Then hush up and help me.

So bye!

I'm heading out to the Mysterious Beyond to see if I can get eaten by a sharptooth.

- Okay, don't be late.

- Have fun.

I think it's too warm.

Did I miss anything?

Not yet, and we've been looking ever since

Hey, there they are.

Oh, yeah, I see them.

I see them, too. I even see Petrie.

Yeah, and he's doing great.

Me doing great.

Me keeping up, staying in line just like me supposed to.

Hey, me see friends.

Yoo-hoo, Littlefoot, I

- Watch it, Petrie.

- Me sorry.

Me really sorry.

Petrie, no!


Are they doing that on purpose?

I don't think so.

Don't eat me, Mr. Clubtail!

Can't a fellow have a simple snack without a bunch of little beakheads falling out of the sky on him?

Hey, everybody.

That's some landing, huh?

Now he's really in trouble.

- Oh, Mom's here.

- Now you're really gonna get it.

- You're gonna get it now, Petrie.

- I'm telling her.

I'm gonna tell her all about it.

Oh, Petrie, not again.

We better go.

- Why did you do that?

- You don't know how to fly.

You just bump into everybody.

- Grandpa?

- Yes, Littlefoot?

We were watching Petrie today flying with his brothers and sisters to get ready for the Day of the Flyers.

Yes, I heard all about it from Mr.


Why is the Day of the Flyers so important anyway?

Why does Petrie's family get so upset about it?

Well, Littlefoot, every herd has its traditions, ways to mark the path from being a young one to becoming a grownup.

And so it is with the flyers.

For them, the Day of the Flyers is a chance for young ones to show their elders that they have learned how to fly with the herd, that they're ready to take their places up in the sky. Well, it's not fair. Petrie's a great flyer. He just has problems being bunched up in a group, especially with his brothers and sisters. I think they make him nervous. I'm sure Petrie will do just fine. - Petrie, you'll never get it right. - Yeah, you don't pay attention. You flap your wings at the wrong time. You go up when we go down. You go down when we go up. You're hopeless! Hush, now. That's enough. Go on. Scoot. I want to talk to Petrie alone. - Okay, Mom. - Goodnight, Mom. - Night. - See you in the morning. Petrie, what is the problem? You can be a good flyer when you try. I've seen you. Why can't you fly with your brothers and sisters? Me no know. The Day of the Flyers will be here before you know it, and they're all counting on you to be ready. Will you be? Petrie? Me try me best, okay? I know you will. You always do. - Goodnight, Petrie. - Night, Mom. They think me never do nothing right. Sometimes me wish me had a whole nother family. Hey! What was that for? You were about to roll onto the egg. I was not. How do you know? You were asleep. Scoot over. More. Oh, honey, come on. Keep going, Toppsie, you're a restless sleeper. I don't want to take a chance. Goodnight, Dad. Goodnight, Tria. So how's this? A little more. Better safe than sorry. Yeah, goodnight, Cera. Just a little bit more. Perfect. Yeah, they say me no know how to fly. Well, I do not care what everybody else says, Petrie. I think you are a good flyer. Yup, yup, yup. What? Thanks, me think. What she means is we all know you can fly. You're really good, when you're by yourself. That just it. Me good alone. Not so good with family. Join the club. Huh? So, Petrie, when you're up there with your brothers and sisters, just remember how good you really are. Just tell yourself you can do anything. Me can do anything. Me can do anything. Me can do anything! That's right. Except fly through sky puffies. Me really hate that. - Well, maybe you will not have to. - Maybe not! Me also not too good at wind flying. Well, it's a windy day today. Great time to practice. We'll watch. Okay. Hey, me doing okay! Petrie, we're coming! That didn't sound like Petrie. Petrie, you okay? What's in there? Is it a sharptooth? Littlefoot, who screamed? Is everyone okay?

Guido: Sorry. Did I scare you? I have that affect on folks sometimes.

Okay, I I guess you're all wondering why I asked you here, huh? You're all wondering All right, who's making all the racket? Yeah, that would be me. Hi. I'm really sorry if you were disturbed. Not that anyone's saying you're disturbed, least of all me. I mean, you know, in the sense of being not all there. You're obviously all there. I mean, just look at you. You're I don't know who or what you are, but we don't like noise around here. Some of us are trying to hatch eggs. Oh! I mean, oh, I'm sorry, lady. I didn't realize. Not me. Out of my way. I wouldn't go that way if I were you. I Well, you're not me. Daddy, are you okay? Okay, okay. Just what we need. Another weirdo. I just wish Grandma had been here to see it. Why did you do that? Saved him the trouble of pushing me in. - Hey, watch it. - Oh, yuck. So what do you call this place anyway? The Great Valley. Where'd you come from? I'm not sure. Well, how did you get here? Not sure about that, either. I just sort of woke up, and, you know, here I was. Well, here's an easy one. What's your name?

Guido: They call me Guido.

Petrie: Who does?

Guido: I'm not sure.

Littlefoot: Well, don't you have a family or a herd?

Guido: Uh, no, sorry. Actually, you may not believe this, but I'm the only one like me I've ever seen. (spreads his wings)

[ Everyone Gasps ]

Ducky: Oh, I believe it. Yup, yup, yup.

Littlefoot: That would be SO strange, being the only one like you.

Cera: Just think of it, the ONLY one.

Petrie: Just me, the only flyer.

One of a kind Me think me like to be One of a kind It very nice to be the only me Up in the sky Flap when me wanna flap Fly when me wanna fly It would be fine as can be If the other flyers didn't laugh at me And so me think me wouldn't mind If me were the only one of a kind One, one, one, one One of a kind I used to love to be One of a kind But it's too late to be the special one 'Cause now that there's two Dad doesn't notice One thing that I say or do Doesn't he know? Can't he see? The best threehorn in the valley is me You know, I really wouldn't mind If I could go back to being one of a kind But Cera, No one else is special Just like you Oh, no, no one can take your place And, Petrie, no one makes me laugh The way you do With your squeakily voice - Squeak! - Squeak! And your smiley face One, one, one, one Hey, guys, you just don't know how good you've got it. One of a kind It can be lonely When you're one of a kind You think if only you had brothers around Who feel like you do With prickly sticker things All over them, too Sharing a nest Giving advice Being a family Oh, that would be nice To leave that single life behind And be more than just one of a Maybe two of a How about four of a It could be six of a One of a One of a One of a One of a kind One, one, one, one One, one One of a kind You know, Guido, maybe you're not the only one like you. Really? What do you mean? I mean, who knows what you look like under all those Those What do you call them? - Beats me. - Doesn't matter. I was just thinking. Your neck looks kind of long like mine. And your face is sort of sharp like Petrie's. And you know what? Those stickly things could all be kind of like a whole lot of little horns, sort of like Cera's. Maybe. Well, I say we try to find Guido a family, or at least a herd, right here in the Great Valley. Oh, yes, yes, yes. Well, there's a reason we have such long necks. It's because we like to eat the tenderest, newest tree stars way up here. Go on. Take a bite and pull. Come on, Guido. You can do it. What you think, you a longneck? I don't think so. Well, let's just see now. I got a tail. You got a tail? Oh, yes, sir, one tail right here. Well, at the end of my tail I got a bopper. You got a bopper? Maybe. What is a bopper? That's a bopper. Thanks anyway, Mr. Clubtail. Don't even think about it. And then you just paddle with your feet. It is simple. I gotta tell you, I have a real problem with swimming where I drink. It just doesn't seem right. Give it a try. You will be fine. Yup, yup, yup. Wait, wait. And you're sure there's nothing in there that bites? I am pretty sure. Bad answer. I've just decided I'm not a swimmer. Hey, there's Petrie. Okay, everybody, let's dive. Go down when they go down. And now we fly! Go up when they go up. - He's doing okay. - So far. Stroke. Stroke. Stroke. Stroke. This not so bad. Just like playing follow-the-leader. Me do what he do. Sky puffies ahead! We're going through! Sky puffies? Oh, me no do that. We no wanna do this. Me say we go around. It not too late. Come on, fellows! Go around! Go around! Roll! - Nooooo!!!

Littlefoot: Oh, no!

Parasaurolophus: Strange weather we're having today.

Guido: [ Panting ] Oh, Petrie, there you are. Hi. Everybody's looking for you.

Petrie: Me not know why. Me mess up everything. Me worst flyer in valley.

Guido: Hey, come on, don't say things like that about yourself.

Petrie: Me not say it. Brothers and sisters did.

Guido: They're mad, huh?

Petrie: Really mad and with really bumpy heads.

Guido: Yeah. Well, I thought that roll you did up there was REALLY good. You know, I mean, it was excellent, beautifully spectacular.

Petrie: Good if me alone maybe. But whole point of Day of the Flyers is to fit in with others. Me just not fit in.

Guido: You think you don't fit in. Look at me. I can't swim. I can't bop folks with my tail. Petrie, I can't even chew. I don't fit in anywhere.

Petrie: Hey! Maybe you fit in with us flyers.

Guido: Oh, whoa, whoa. Wait a minute, wait a minute. Are you kiddin'? I can't chew, and you want me to try flying?

Petrie: You no have to fly. Me just thought, well

Guido: Oh, I get it. You figure if I'm living with your family, maybe the two of us can NOT fit in together.

Petrie: Well, yeah.

Guido: OK, I'll give it a try.

Littlefoot: Hey, guys. [ Panting ]  Here you guys are.

Petrie: Is anything wrong?

Littlefoot: Tria's egg is about to hatch.

Guido: Wow! let's go!

Let's go see the hatchling. - Come on. - Is it time yet? Come on. Let's go. Toppsie, here it comes. Aw! Seems to be fine. She's perfect. Go on, Cera. Meet your new sister. Who fell over? Who fell over? Who fell over? You're okay. That's right. What a brave girl. Don't mind me. Cute hatchling. - What? - Me say nothing. That's what I thought. I want some. I want some. I'm hungry, Mom. I want one. Come on, me next. Me! Me! I want some. I want some. Well, is it true? Does the Threehorn family have a new addition? Yup. And so do we. Petrie, I'm usually the one who makes that announcement. Not this time! Everybody, meet Guido! Okay. Wow! This is higher than it looks. - Who is it? - What is it? Looks like a flower. Looks like a whole bunch of flowers. Good one. Oh, yeah, funny. Doesn't smell like a flower, though. What do you call these things? I used to call them part of me! Kids, he's our guest. Leave him alone. We've been wanting to talk to you anyway, Petrie. Yeah, about what happened today. Yeah, you messed up again, Petrie. - Yeah! - Yeah! - Yeah, like you always do. - Yeah, what's your problem, Petrie? - Yeah! - Yeah! - Yeah! - Yeah! Yeah! Fellows, come on, give him a break. I mean, of course he gets confused when he flies with you. Your rear ends look just like your faces, so how can he tell which way to go? Okay, children, sleep time. You're all right, Guido. Go to sleep, Petrie. Goodnight, Guido. We're glad you could come visit. - Night, Mom. - Yeah, thanks, night. - Night, Guido. - Night, Petrie. Hey, Petrie. I know absolutely nothing about flying, and I generally goof up everything I try, but I'm gonna help you get ready for the Day of the Flyers. What do you think about that? Okay, great. Night, Guido. Who's my pretty girl? Tricia's my pretty girl. Yes, she is. Oh, Cera? Yes, Tria? Could you watch Tricia for me? Just for a bit. I won't be long. - Okay, sure. - Thanks, sweetie. You stay right here with Cera. Mommy's gonna be right back. Don't try the cute thing on me. It won't work. Better watch where you're going. Okay, you stood up. Big deal. Good job, you little goofy-woofus. Oh, no you don't. Come back here. Didn't you hear your mom? You're supposed to stay with me. Tricia, no. Bad girl. You're gonna get me in trouble. - What happened? - She was running away, so I picked her up on my nose horn, and she poked me in the eye and I fell. She was running? What a smart girl. What a big girl. What's going on? Tricia was running. No, and I missed it. Oh, I can't believe she's running already. Toppsie, she is so advanced. Wait until I tell Mrs. Twoped. Well, let's face it. She's the best hatchling that ever was. - Yup, she's just like her dad. - Oh, look at her. Hey, don't worry about me. I'm fine. Thanks for watching Tricia! I hope he is happy with Petrie's family, but I do not understand why you would wanna be a flyer when you could be a swimmer instead. I don't know, Ducky. I think Petrie really wanted somebody on his side the next time his brothers and sisters yell at him. I do not blame him. They are really loud yellers. Spike! - What are you looking at? - Nothing. - Where's Ducky? - I am down here. What are you doing under a bush? Oh, just resting. Are you okay, Cera? You look upset. What have I got to be upset about? Except that my Dad and Tria love Tricia and ignore me. My horn could fall right off my nose, and they wouldn't even notice. Cera! If we're going to keep talking about this, would you please move? Oh, sorry. Hey, listen, at least your dad's with you. And Tria seems really nice. Yeah, I guess she is. And you do not have little itchy scratches all over you. Hey, I said I was sorry. I like my family and all. It's just that, well, why do things always have to change? Just when your life is perfect Everything's looking bright You're with your friends till daylight ends And safe in your nest at night Then you get this funny feeling That something is just not right And all at once, things change All at once, things change I used to be important Until that egg was there Although I know Dad loves me Seems like he forgot to care I thought we were a family But it's really so unfair When all at once, things change Families grow Grownups you know Turn into someone new You try to keep things like they are But you wind up changing, too Maybe a baby threehorn Will not be so bad at all You can teach her to talk To roll a rock And catch her if she starts to fall Maybe things will be better Than you ever thought they could And maybe when things change Maybe when things change Oh, maybe when things change They will change into something good Okay, now, remember, Petrie, you can do anything they can do, all right? It's just a matter of doing it at the same time. Yeah, at the same time. So just keep telling yourself, "I fly along with all the rest. I'm going to pass my flying test." Go ahead, say it. Me fly along with all the rest. Me gonna pass the flying test. Like that? Yeah, close enough. Tricia, Mommy's home. That's right. Go, Petrie. Go. And now, we land. You can do it, Petrie. Just watch me. That's it. Flaps down. Nose up. Yes! All right! Go, Petrie! - Yeah! - All right, Petrie! Oh, children, I am so very proud. That was your best flight ever. I never thought I'd say this, but great job, Petrie. - Yeah! Way to go! - Way to go, Petrie! Me had lots of help. - Yeah! - Petrie! Petrie! All right, now, I know you've all got to be very tired, and the Day of the Flyers starts tomorrow when the great circle first peeks over the ridge. Time to head home and get some sleep. Yes, Mommy. Guido, come on. Hey, keep up with the family. - Yeah, come on, Guido. - Come on, Guido. Come on, Guido. Hurry up. Guido. Guido, what you doing? Guido? Guido, how'd you get out there? Guido. Guido! Hey, Guido, stop! Guido, come on. Me gotta get some sleep. Me mean it. Me got a big day tomorrow. What's going on? Where you come from? - Right over - Don't do that ever again. Sorry. But what's happening? Guido, he's Hey, where he go? Where he go? There he is. Hey, how did he do that? Come on. Spike, look Guido come through here? Yup, yup, yup. We have to follow him. He's walking around, but he's still asleep. I want to come, too. Spike, get up, get up. You didn't have to wake Spike. Oh, he gets up about now every night to eat anyway. Come on. I know all about sleepwalking. My aunty sleep-swims, and my momma says, "Do not ever, never wake her up when she is doing it." Why not? That, I do not know, but my momma is always right. Then I guess we better not let him wake up. I will go get Cera. If we have an adventure and she is not here, she will be so mad. And I do not like it when Cera gets mad. No, no, no. So let me get this straight. You woke me up in the middle of the night so I could walk all over the valley, watching Guido walk all over the valley. It seemed like a good idea at the time. Oh, no! Guido heading to fast water. Yeah? So he'll get wet. You do not get it. He will not just get wet. He will go straight down. Glub, glub, glub. So what are we supposed to do about it? I got an idea, but we have to hurry. Here he come. We know. We can see him. Guido. - Guido! Guido, no, stop! - Guido, turn this way. Walk faster. Hurry! Hurry! This is so much more fun than sleeping. This is no good. He's walking toward the fire rocks. I am not going swimming in there. You won't have to. Come on. My dad always told me not to let anyone walk all over me. Let me ask you, if we wake him up, what happens? Something terrible. Worse than this? Me have bad feeling about this. We've gotta hurry. Me never think me say this, but me give anything to be threehorn about now. At least it is downhill. Come on, everybody, push! Hey, it is getting easier. That because it moving by itself! We We made it. Yeah. Hurray. What do we do now? Well, me fly on over and keep eye on Guido. You guys climb over, but don't fall. Thanks for the advice. Try not to put all your weight on one branch. Oh, no, it is falling. Perfect. We've gotta hurry. Run, run, run! Go, go, go! - Come on! - Run! Littlefoot, jump! Okay, you guys lie around enough already. Guido's still walking. One more word, and you won't be walking, not for a long time. Me only kidding. Take your time. Besides, me think he pretty safe now. Guido! No! No, turn around! Guido, no! Me no believe it. Guido a flyer! A sleep-flyer. Hey, you know what I just realized? What? We didn't have to do that whole tree thing after all. Sorry. Oh, no! He heading over the top! But the other side's the Mysterious Beyond. Me know. This just keeps getting better and better. Me gotta go after him. Petrie, today is the Day of the Flyers, remember? If you go to the Mysterious Beyond, you may not get back in time. It no matter. He friend. Me gotta go get him. We'll be right behind you. We will? Okay, okay, we will. Petrie? Guys? Hey, where is everybody? Okay, fellows. I get it. It's a prank, right? Just trying to scare me. Yeah, well, good job. You succeeded. Oh, great, an earthshake, the one thing missing to make this my scariest moment ever. I take that back. Incoming, Guido! You sure heavy for a little guy. Sorry, must be all this sharptooth spit. Me no know how long me can keep this up. Yeah, well, keep it up a little longer anyway, okay? - Oh, no! - What is that thing? I don't know, but it's not friendly. Petrie! Guido, me so tired. Why you not fly yourself? Are you crazy? I can't fly. We gotta help them, but we need a plan. Hey, I think we lost him. Oh, yeah, this was a good plan. Stay with me, Guido. We going in. Oh, yeah, like I have a choice. Hang on! Come on, this way. Petrie, hurry. Guido, stick out your arms and legs, quick! Well, I don't get it, but okay. Me so tired. But you can't rest yet. Those rocks won't stop him for long. Oh, I Oh, sorry, I thought you were somebody else. All right, children, time to get up. The big day is here. - Hey, where's Petrie? - Where is he? Oh, me never make it. Sure you will. The Day of the Flyers doesn't start until the great circle appears, - remember? - But we got so far to go. - We'll get you there. - You just try to rest up. Oh, this is all my fault. If you hadn't come to rescue me, you'd be home and rested and ready to go. And I still don't understand how I even got there. You can fly! What? In my sleep? Okay, how weird do you guys think I am? Don't get me started. This isn't fair. He's gonna mess up our whole formation. He should have just quit a long time ago. Mom, what are we gonna do? You're just going to have to fly without him. Maybe me better off missing it. Maybe me not ready, after all. Are you kidding? Did you see yourself last night? You're a great flyer. Yup, yup, yup. You fly like nobody else. But that the problem. The whole point of Day of Flyers is to show you can fly like everybody else. But maybe that's not the problem. Maybe it's the solution. Look, if there's one thing I've had to learn, it's that you can't worry about being like everybody else. You just have to be yourself. Just be Petrie, and you'll be fine. You think so? Look. When judges get to starting place, it starts. If you're gonna go, go now. We'll get back in time to cheer for you. Good luck, Petrie. It's going to start any second now. So remember, since Petrie's not here Who say me not here? Petrie, where have you been? You better be ready. Remember, do everything we do. Be like us. Me got better idea. Me be like me. You'll do fine. Look. Here it comes. All right, get ready, children. Hey, look, it has started. I wonder which one is Petrie. Do you see Petrie yet? Not yet. Me fly along with all the rest. Me gonna pass the flying test. Me fly real good. Me fly okay. Me gonna do it Petrie's way. Me fly real good. Me fly okay. Me gonna do it Petrie's way. Petrie, stop that. Petrie, what are you up to? I see him. I see him. Up there. What is he doing? I gotta get a closer look. Good one. Attaboy, Petrie, you're being yourself! - This is great! - Look at me! Watch me! Hey, Petrie. You're looking fine You're looking good You're doing great Just like we knew you would Me never think That me could be Flying in a line With me family Flip, flap Flip, flap and fly Flip, flap Flip, flap and fly You never know what you can do Until you try Me had to find me own way To flip, flap and fly You've got a gift Me know it's true No one else can do it Just the way me do We're all the same And we're unique From the tip of me wing To the bend in my beak Flip, flap Flip, flap and fly Flip, flap Flip, flap and fly We're moving together In the same big sky We've got our own way To flip, flap and fly If you wanna, wanna, wanna fly low Fly low If you wanna, wanna, wanna fly high Fly high Flip, flap Flip, flap and fly Flip, flap Flip, flap and fly We're moving together In the same big sky We've got our own way Me got me own way We all got our own way Flip, flap Flip, flap and fly Flip, flap Flip, flap and fly You've got to Flip, flap Flip, flap and fly Flip, flap Flip, flap and fly Flip, flap Flip, flap and fly Flip, flap Flip, flap and fly Dipping and diving And flapping and flying Flowing on those winds Moving and riding And feeling and gliding Flipping and flying Again and again And again Flip, flap and fly Oh, yeah Tricia? Tricia! That's my little sister! Oh, the poor little hatchling. I just wish there was something I could do. You can fly! Were they right? Can I really fly? Oh, well, one way to find out. Look at me! I'm flying! Oh no! That not good. Petrie, no! You gotta finish! Me can't. Sorry! Got you! It's all right. Hang on. I'm gonna make it. I don't know how, but Me got you both. Me think. Help! Hang on, Petrie! We're coming! Nice move, guys! Tricia! No! Tricia! She's safe. Our little one is safe. Yes, thanks to our other little one. Me not wanna do that again today. Great job, Petrie. And Guido, is it? Thank you. You truly are one of a kind.

Guido: Well, and thank you very much, big guy. I mean, I don't mean that you're, you know, like, "fat" big. I mean that you're big. You're tall. I mean, well, of course, anybody is taller than me. You, in particular, I mean, hey. Hey, got a nosebleed? 'Cause look how big you are. I mean, I really think I better go away. Bye-bye, big guy Sir.

But you guys didn't finish the Day of the Flyers. Doesn't that mean you'll have to do it all over again? That okay. We kind of liked it. - Here comes Mom. - Oh, no. Hi, Mom. Me sorry. I'm so proud of you. All of you. You know what's really important. Besides, thanks to you, the Day of the Flyers will never look the same again. Way to go, Petrie!

Tricia: Cera.

Did you hear her?

Narrator: Many changes had occurred on this day of changes. And many more would follow. The dinosaur families understood this. They knew that change was a part of life in the Great Valley.