First Sing-Along Songs video cover

Video cover for The Land Before Time: Sing-Along Songs.

The Land Before Time: Sing-Along Songs is one of two music videos featuring songs from the movies in The Land Before Time series. It was directed by Steve Silva, and originally released in 1997.


Universal Studios Home Video announced in early 1997 that on May 13th, it would release a video containing a collection of the songs from its popular The Land Before Time franchise.[1] Michael Polis, the director of marketing for Universal, commented that there were enough songs in the four Land Before Time films at that time for a "sing-along" video to be released, describing it as "the best product we have outside of 'Wee Sing' for this, and it potentially could be a whole new series for us".[1] To promote the release of the video, Universal teamed with Burger King for the first time on a video-related offer.[1] Approximately eight thousand Burger King restaurants gave The Land Before Time-related collectibles as bonuses in each Kid's Meal.[1] Universal also teamed with Source Interactive and Sink Press.[1]

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