The Land Before Time Return to the Great Valley

PlayStation cover for The Land Before Time: Return to the Great Valley.

The Land Before Time: Return to the Great Valley is a 2000 3D PlayStation game based on The Land Before Time film series. The object of the game is to assist the main characters in returning to the Great Valley, after wandering into the Mysterious Beyond and scattering when chased by a sharptooth.

All of the voices were done by Lani Minella.


When a Struthiomimus steals an egg when the adult dinosaurs are not paying attention, it goes to a cave and puts the egg there. While Littlefoot and Cera are running from Ducky and finding a good place to hide from her, they find a cave and hide in it but they find an egg and Ducky find Spike. Littlefoot and Cera tells the others that they should leave the egg or put it back at the Sharptooth's nest. Littlefoot thinks the idea is not good at all but the others like Cera's idea so they bring the egg to the Sharptooth's nest and Cera says it was a big deal but a mother green Sharptooth comes and chases them away, separating them.


The player can play as up to four dinosaur characters, with those characters being: Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, and Spike. Petrie, as in other LBFT games, is unplayable in this game. To find the Great Valley the player must go through levels of the various locations and to avoid obstacles and water and dangers.


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  • Collecting the Treestars gives the player an extra life, a similar mechanic to other games.
  • Littlefoot's jumping is similar to classic Spyro's jumping.
  • The Struthiomimus is neither one of the two egg thieves in the second film despite similar appearances. That Struthiomimus is a generic nameless egg thief like the one that almost took Littlefoot's egg in the first film.

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