The Land Before Time: Preschool Adventure is a Land Before Time game for PC, developed by WayForward in 1999. 


After skyfire falls onto the Great Valley, all the plants in the valley were destroyed. Littlefoot and his friends decide to find special seeds to plant in the Great Valley to restore all the plants and turn the Great Valley back to normal.


Littlefoot's Log Surf

Littlefoot must surf on a log across the water to get the orange seed. Littlefoot must collect colored tree stars along the way, but he must collect them in the order the colored bar on the top of the screen is. And he must avoid swimming sharpteeth and rocks along the way.

Cera's Creature Categories

Cera must help all the creatures that were scared off by the skyfire from their homes find their way back, so she could find the green seed. Cera must help return flying creatures to the canyon, swimming creatures to the sea, insects to the forest, two-legged creatures to the two legged creature valley and four legged creatures to the four-legged creature valley.

Spike's Forest Clean Up

Spike must clean up a mess in the forest that the skyfire made. Spike must find all the items that are misplaced and put them back in the areas where they belong, so he could find the purple seed.

Ducky's Leaf Drop

Ducky must feed the hungry dinosaurs to find the blue seed. Ducky drops tree stars with shapes on them, and then the tree star she drops must be fed to the dinosaur with the shape on its back that matches the one on the tree star.

Petrie's Picture Puzzles

Petrie must put a bunch of picture puzzles back together to find the red seed. Each puzzle piece is in a different shape, and each piece must be put into the empty spot that matches the shape as the piece to complete the picture.

Chomper's Island Hop

Chomper must jump across a bridge of rocks across the big water to get to the other island to get the yellow seed. Chomper must jump from rock to rock, but only the ones that match the clue on the top corner of the screen, by the color or shape.


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