The Land Before Time Great Valley Racing Adventure

PlayStation cover for The Land Before Time: Great Valley Racing Adventure.

The Land Before Time: Great Valley Racing Adventure is a 2001 3D PlayStation game based on The Land Before Time series. The game features main characters Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie and Spike in a race through the Great Valley.



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Cera: Hey, guys! What's going on?
Ducky: We're gonna run, aren't we, Spike?
Littlefoot: Come on, Cera! It'll be a lot of fun!
Cera: Oh, all right. I'll go.
Petrie: Hey, let's go!
Ducky: Whee! We're gonna run! Yep, yep, yep!

Ducky: I found another track. Another track.
Cera: Another track? Where?
Ducky: Over there. Another track over there. Yes, there is.
Littlefoot: What do you think, guys? You want to check it out?

Petrie: Me see! Me find!
Ducky: What you see, what you find, huh?
Petrie: Another track. Much harder.
Cera: It can't be too hard for me. I can do anything. Are you guys humming?

Cera: Whoa!
Ducky: Cera, are you all right? You sounded so scary.
Cera: I wasn't scared. I was... I was excited. I found another track.
Petrie: That exciting. Shall we go see it? What you say?

Littlefoot: Whoa! Are you all right, Cera? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you.
Cera: I'm fine. It takes more than a clumsy Longneck to hurt a Threehorn.
Petrie: Look, look! Littlefoot's father opened a cave track! You want explore it?
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