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PlayStation cover for The Land Before Time: Big Water Adventure.

The Land Before Time: Big Water Adventure is a PlayStation and PC video game, based on The Land Before Time movie The Land Before Time IX: Journey to Big Water. The game involves the main characters guiding guest character Mo back to the Big Water, and features four playable characters.



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Mo: Mo all alone and lost. Mo family live in Big Water.
Littlefoot: We'll help you get home, Mo. We know the way to the Big Water!

Littlefoot: Hey, Mo! Why don't we go ahead and do some exploring?

Petrie: What's wrong with you, Cera?
Cera: We wouldn't be in this mess if it weren't for Littlefoot and his new best friend.
Petrie: Mo in mess if you don't get back to Big Water. We help him, then Littlefoot play with us again. Me help you catch up to others.

Ducky: Squishing mud is fun, fun, fun! Yes, it is!

Ducky: Oh, poor Spike. He is hungry. Yes, he is. I will tell Littlefoot you could catch up. Yes, you can. Yep, yep, yep!
Petrie: Me wait for you, Spike.

Ducky: Oh, this is not good! No, no, no!
Littlefoot: I'm okay, everyone. Petrie will help me catch up with you.

Ducky: Yay!
Cera: Don't worry, Mo. I'm going to leave for a little while, then we'll get there much faster.

Ducky: Step on a crack, and watch break your back! You are lucky, Petrie. You can fly over the cracks. Yes, you can.

Petrie: Spike, he has lucky he not squished! Heard him all earthshake! Make everybody lost. Me help you find friends.

Littlefoot: It's all right, Petrie!

Petrie: Don't be scared, Cera. Me help you.
Cera: I'm not scared of that dumb Sharptooth!

Littlefoot: Ducky, catch up with us!
Ducky: Petrie! You stay with me!
Petrie: Me stay with Ducky. Help her find friends.

Cera: What a time for a nap!
Littlefoot: That's our Spike!
Petrie: Me wait for him here, and help him catch up.

Littlefoot: I think maybe we should head back and find it different way around this.
Cera: Don't be ridiculous. Are you scared?
Littlefoot: No, I'm not. I just don't think it's safe.
Cera: Don't be a scaredy-egg. I know I can find a way through.
Petrie: Me fly high to help you.

Cera: Now where do we do?
Ducky: Petrie and I will go this way. Maybe there is another way you can go.

Ducky: Come on, Spike! Slide down here!
Petrie: Me help Spike find another way.

Mo: Thank you, friends. Mo safe with water can now.