The Gang of Five is a Land Before Time forum, and is the largest and most active Land Before Time forum to date. It was started 16 years ago by founder Petrie in 2003.

The site currently has over 1000 registered members and is is ad-free, as well as hosted by one of its own admins. Users donate money to keep the forum running.

The forum is well-known for its massive amounts of fanart, fanfictions, and roleplays that are Land Before Time and non-Land Before Time related.


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In 2001, user Petrie wanted to create a forum about dinosaurs, particularly Dinotopia. Whatever came of the site no longer exists.

In 2002, Petrie got into paid web-hosting, so he created a site called "" It had a Jurassic Park section, but was mostly for Land Before Time related content, as it was originally envisioned to be a fan site for art and other fan-generated media. He also opened the Dinotopia forum, and it was successful throughout the year.



  • Petrie


  • Nick22
  • rhombus
  • zero-point
  • Mumbling


  • DarkHououmon

The Circle (inactive staff)

Former Staff

  • Action9000
  • Lillefot
  • The Great Valley Guardian
  • Kor
  • Littlefoot505
  • AvesTheForumFox

Photobucket Obliterators

The Photobucket Obliterators group consisted of four members who were commissioned by the administrators in 2018 to fix the broken image links caused by Photobucket no longer allowing free users to hotlink images.The group was dissolved later that year when the forum switched to being self-hosted, but two of these members later became Moderators.

  • DarkHououmon
  • Ducky123
  • Fyn16
  • Littlefoot505


  • On November 1st, 2018, a new record on the forum was broken for having the most users online at one time. There were 508 users online at the time, including guest users and forum bots.
  • While the Gang of Five is currently the most popular Land Before Time forum, it was not the first. The first form was the Network54 Land Before Time forum.

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