"The Forbidden Friendship" is the eighteenth episode of The Land Before Time television series. It originally aired on May 18, 2007.

  • Certificate: TV-G
  • Genres:
    • Animation
    • Adventure
    • Drama
    • Family


Spike's friend Tippy and his spiketail herd return to the Great Valley, but there's not enough green food to go around. The adults' tempers flare, and Spike and Tippy are forbidden to be together. So when Ducky discovers Spike and Tippy sneaking off to play, she's not sure what to do with them.


The episode starts in mid-winter where the Gang is waiting for the snow to melt. They witness an icicle fall and then realize that the ice on the river is thawing. The Gang then goes to play "Hard Water Hop." Ruby's attention turns to the growing grass, knowing that there's just enough food for everyone if they share. Soon after, Far Walkers show up. They're Spiketails, and among them was Tippy, who had improved on speaking since they last met (The Land Before Time VIII: The Big Freeze ) and was very excited to see Spike. After a bit of reunion, the Spiketails enter the Great Valley and inquire to share food with the other valley residents. Mr. Threehorn protests that there's not enough food for everyone, to which the Spiketail Leader responds by accusing him of being selfish. The situation escalates to the point where the entirety of the Great Valley residents and Far Walkers are arguing with each other, with Mr. Threehorn and the Spiketail Leader even going so far as to get into a short physical fight. After the fight's resolution, the Spiketail Leader thanks Grandpa Longneck for offering and letting them have their green food but says that it doesn't mean that he'll be around them, thanks to Mr. Threehorn's behavior towards him and his herd.

Tippy and Spike are playing together until they're interrupted by the Spiketail Leader telling Tippy that it's time to go. Tippy explains that he wants to play with Spike, but his mother breaks the bad news, with the Spiketail Leader saying to Tippy that he's forbidden to hang around with the Great Valley residents, including Spike. This greatly saddens both of them. Some time later, Tippy sneaks away to play with Spike. Ducky witnesses them playing and worries for their sake, not knowing what to do. During Spike and Tippy's playtime, they end up in an area where there's a surplus of food with enough for everyone. The two decide to tell the grownups. Meanwhile, Ducky tells the Gang about what's happening between Tippy and Spike, resulting in Cera trying to tell her father about it. Cera lies about it, when Spike and Tippy suddenly show up. Their parents become very upset with the Gang, with all of them being in big trouble for disobeying them. Tippy's mother accuses Spike of talking her son Tippy into it but Mamma Swimmer points out that Spike couldn't have done that because he doesn't talk. As the grownups begin to decide their punishment, Tippy tells everyone about the place with lots of food. Ducky asks why they intentionally let the grownups catch them. This ignites an even bigger argument between the grownups.

The Gang and Tippy decide to run away. As they attempt to cross an icy bridge, both Tippy and Spike fall off. The grownups then immediately work together to save them. Afterwards, the residents of the Great Valley agree to share the food. Tippy is then allowed to play and interact with Spike and the others. Soon, the Far Walkers had to leave the Great Valley altogether (Tippy included) to set off on their journey to travel to other places. Spike is saddened to see Tippy leave the valley. To help cheer him up, Ducky tags Spike. Eventually the rest of the Gang all took part in it, all of them having a good time with good friends.

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(Spike grabs ahold of and eats a portion of fronds from a spruce tree)

(Chomper finds and eats a caterpillar found from a knothole of the same tree)

Chomper: How can you eat those things, Spike?

Cera: Hmph! You're one to talk.

Ruby: There's not much else for Spike to eat that he can eat.

Littlefoot: I'm just glad the warm time is finally coming.

Petrie: Then there will be all kinds of green food to eat! 

(Spike grunts with a mouthful of food)

Ducky: I'm looking forward to swimming in the watering hole, instead of walking on it.

Cera: Yeah, if the hardwater really is turning soft.

(An icicle falls and nearly hit Cera and Petrie)

Petrie: Me thinks it is, you know what that means...

Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie: Hardwater Hopping!

Ruby: How does hardwater hop?

Petrie: Water not hop, you hop on water!

Littlefoot: Come on, we'll show ya!

(The children go to a nearby river)

Cera: I wanna go first! 

Ruby: I'm going to sit here and watch so I can see.

(Ruby sits on boulder)

Cera: Hmmm...

(Cera hops unscathed across the river on the tops of ice chunks flowing downstream)

Cera: Woohoo! Was I great or what?! Who's next?

Chomper: Me! I'll go!

(Chomper makes it across with minor difficulty)

Chomper: I did it! Ruby, did you see that?

Ruby: No, sorry. I was busy seeing all of this green food!

(Ruby brushes snow from the visible blades of grass)

Cera: Wow!

(Cera gasps)


All I see is the day in front of us

(All I see is the day in front of us)

Burning bright with a newborn sun

(Burning bright with a newborn sun)

Come follow me

Hills to climb and valleys to roam

Oh, streams to follow all the way home

To the Land Before Time

Before Time!

Mr. Threehorn: Yes, it's greenfood alright, but there's not much of it.

Grandpa Longneck: Well, I guess the cold time was just too cold.

Mr. Threehorn: Hmph! If you ask me, there's not enough to go around. Not nearly enough.

Grandpa Longneck: Oh, I think there's plenty for all of us, as long as we share.

Mr. Threehorn: Share? Hmmm... but still, the more horns you have the more food you get, right?

Grandpa Longneck: Umm... I don't think so. 

(Mr. Threehorn groans)

Mr. Threehorn: It's just a good thing there aren't any more of us.


Cera: Hey everybody, look! Far Walkers!

Littlefoot: Those Far Walkers look familiar.

(Spike gasps excitedly, before running down to greet them)

(Ducky gasps upon identifying a specific member of their herd)

Ducky: It's Tippy!

Mr Threehorn: Share our food? Are you crazy? There's not enough to go around as it is.

Spiketail Leader: Of course there is. You're just being selfish.

Mr. Threehorn gasps

Adult dinosaurs chattering in agreement

Mr. Threehorn: I don't belive this! First you barge in and demand to share our food and then you insult us!

Spiketail Leader: (Getting in Mr. Threehorn' face) I don't like your attitude.

Mr. Threehorn: Nobody asked you to like it.

Grandpa Longneck: (attempting to settle the Spiketail Leader and Mr. Threehorn's argument) Please there's plenty of food for everyone.

Mr Threehorn: No, there's not and even if there were, I wouldn't want to share with this pack of... interlopers! (Thuds the Spiketail Leader)

Spiketail Leader: (talking to Mr. Threehorn) Did you push me, huh, you trying to push me?

Mr. Threehorn: Oh, when I push you you'll know it.

Mr. Threehorn and the Spiketail Leader growl more  

Mr. Threehorn and the Spiketail Leader start fighting and kids gasp

Tippy's Mother: Oh my.

Grandpa Longneck: No no. Break it up please, break it up.

Spiketail Leader: Oh, okay (strains and grunts while trying to get free).

Spiketail Leader: We're stuck aren't we?

Littlefoot and his friends laugh (except for Cera)

Grandpa Longneck: You're all welcome to share what little food we have.

Spiketail Leader: But that doesn't mean we need to hang around with you.

Mr. Threehorn: Oh-ho! How sad!

Domehead: (about Spiketail Leader while Far Walkers walking away) Well, I never...

Iguanodon: Who does he think he is?

Domehead: Humph, the nerve!

Spiketail Leader: (To Tippy's Mother) Why is your son playing with Spike?, I forbid it!, you hear me Tippy? I forbid you to play with that Great Valley..Spiketail!

Tippy's Mother: Oh now Tippy, you heard what our leader said "no playing with Spike".

Spike groans sadly

Mama Swimmer: (to Spike) Don't even think about it, Spike. Those Far Walkers don't want to associate with us,  then so be it.

Ducky: I am sorry about you and Tippy, but I will play whatever game you want. Oh, Spike is too sad to play.

Littlefoot: Spike would still get to play with Tippy if the grownups weren't mad at each other.

Cera: It's all the Far Walkers' fault! They shouldn't have barged in here when there isn't enough food to go around!

Ducky: There is Spike! He is playing with Tippy (remembers what Mama Swimmer said), oh no no! Spike is disobeying our Mommy! If someone sees him he'll be in so much trouble he will, he will.

(Ducky sing "What To Do")

Ducky: If I tell you a secret will you promise not to tell anyone ever?

All: Uh huh.

Ducky: I just saw Spike and Tippy and they were playing together!

(All gasp)

Petrie: You going to tell on them?

Ducky: I don't know what to do, that's why I came to ask you! But Spike also should not be disobeying our Mommy.

Cera: Well, if you're not going to tell anyone about Spike and Tippy then I will!

Ducky: Cera! No, no!

Cera: Hey! Wait till you hear what I found out!

Tippy's Mother: (asks angrily) Tippy, what are you doing with Spike?

Tippy: We just want to play together!

Tippy's Mother: But you disobeyed me.

Mama Swimmer: Spike, you disobyed me!

Tippy's Mom: Well, your Spike must have talked Tippy into it.

Mama Swimmer: (to Tippy's Mother) My Spike doesn't talk.


  • Tippy and his herd (including his mother and the Spiketail Leader) return in this episode. Tippy is voiced by Cree Summer in this episode.
  • Littlefoot says that Tippy is learning to talk, but he knew how to talk before, although he is more talkative then he was before.
  • Tippy talks in third-person, which he didn't do in the eighth movie.
  • Grandma Longneck, Tria, and Mr. Clubtail all appear but they have no lines.
  • This is the second time Topsy has a fight with a Spiketail.
  • This episode, which occurs at the end of the Winter season, may have taken place just before the events of The Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave, which takes place in very early Spring.

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