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"The Canyon of Shiny Stones" is the fourth episode of The Land Before Time. It originally aired on January 19th, 2007 in Canada.


The gang enter the Canyon of Shiny Stones.

When Cera accidentally loses Tria's favorite Shiny Stone, she goes to the Canyon of Shiny Stones to find another. But the journey takes her pass the Smoking Mountain, a mountain that Petrie thinks doesn't like Flyers.

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"The Canyon of Shiny Stones" has a current rating of 8.9/10 at, based on eight votes.[1]


  • Before a scene in which Petrie says "Me never should've tried it, me made the mountain mad!" fades out to black, he then screams out in terror getting very close to the camera, but on the Wal-Mart Exclusive DVD, it just skips to the next scene.
  • The kids are occasionally computer-generated in wide shots in this episode.
  • One of four episodes on the Amazing Adventures DVD.
  • Grandma Longneck appears in this episode, but has no speaking role.


  • When the lava block the kids' way, Cera's shiny stone disappeared.


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