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"The Brave Longneck Scheme" is the sixth episode of the animated children's series The Land Before Time. It originally aired on February 9th, 2007.

Voice Actors

In this episode Nika Futterman voices Ali as Juliana Hansen did not resume her role from Journey Through the Mists. The Old One is also voiced by a new actor, Jessica Walter, as her previous voice actor passed away. Elizabeth Daily voices the new character Rhett, while Jeff Bennett and Rob Paulsen both voice Longnecks from Ali's herd.


The episode begins with Cera leading Littlefoot to a 'short-cut' along a steep hill; at the bottom they see a familiar Longneck herd. Realizing it's Ali's herd, they rush to meet her. However, as they approach Ali. a young male Longneck named Rhett shows up, telling them that Ali is his friend, and no one else's. They inquire to Ali about Rhett, and she explains that he does not like being around children he doesn't know. She tells them that she is friends with him because of his bravery; he has protected his herd - who merged with hers a while back - from Sharpteeth in the past. Rhett tells them three stories about him saving his herd, which Cera and Littlefoot do not believe, especially when Ali admits that Rhett's powerful defeats of Sharpteeth all happened before they met.

Rhett, making his entrance when Cera inquires who he is.

Cera has an idea to have Chomper act like a predatory Sharptooth in front of Rhett and Ali, knowing that Rhett, once asked to help, would be frightened away, thus exposing all of his lies. After several unsuccessful practice sessions, the group succeeds in perfecting a fake Sharptooth attack. They then put their plan into play, which works exactly as planned, causing Rhett to run away in terror. The others explain to Ali that Chomper is in fact nice to leaf eaters, and invite Ali to play. However, the plan backfires when Rhett informs his herd of a vicious Sharptooth in the Great Valley. The herd of longnecks find him and chase him.

Old One, as she appears in this episode

Littlefoot and Cera discuss Ali's belief of Rhett's unbelievable tales

Eventually they corner Chomper, and as the Old One, the herd's leader, is about to do away with him, he tearfully begs her not to hurt him. The adults, not previously believing that Sharpteeth could speak, are distracted long enough that the children can catch up with them and explain the situation. The Old One becomes angry with Rhett upon learning that he was deceiving Ali, and warns the children about the consequences of trickery. As she makes peace with Chomper and leaves, Rhett begins to leave with the herd, but is called back by Littlefoot; the nine children then play together.



"The Brave Longneck Scheme" has a current rating of 9.8/10 at, based on fourteen votes.[1]

Cultural Influence


"The Brave Longneck Scheme" was released in the United States on November 27th, 2007 in the "Good Times & Good Friends" DVD, along with "The Star Day Celebration", "The Great Log Running Game", and "The Bright Circle Celebration". This DVD was also released in Canada, and in France on August 26th, 2008 under the name "Jouons Ensemble!" ("Let's Play Together!").[2]

It was released in German on the DVD "Neue Reisen, Neue Freunde" ("New Journeys, New Friends") along with "The Great Log Running Game" on December 11th, 2008.[3] "Neue Reisen, Neue Freunde" was also released as a radio drama on September 26th, 2008 under the name "Freundschaft, Spass und Abenteuer" ("Friendship, Fun and Adventure") as all of the radio dramas are titled.[4] "Neue Reisen, Neue Freunde" was released on a DVD 3 pack with the DVDs "Freundschaft, Spass Und Abenteuer" and "Grosser Spass Mit Kleinen Dinos" ("Great Fun With Little Dinos") on November 8th, 2012.[5]



The songs in this episode are written by Michele Brourman, the lyrics are by Ford Riley, and the music is by Cory Lerios.

*This is not an official name for the song.


  • This is the second appearance of Ali and the Old One.
  • It is implied by the Longneck's herd's initial behavior towards Chomper, that the herbivorous characters treat a Sharptooth of any age with deadly force.
  • This is the first time we see Ali after her debut in "Journey Through the Mists".


  • Elizabeth Daily's name is misspelled as E.G. 'Daly' in the credits of this episode.

Character Debuts

  • One-off characters:

Memorable Quotes

Cera: "Who is this "Rhett" guy?"
Rhett: (Jumping into view) "I am Rhett!"
Cera: "Hmph! Well I'm Cera, and this is Littlefoot!"
—Rhett meets Littlefoot and Cera

Ali: "Rhett is very brave, but he won't play with kids he doesn't know."
Littlefoot: "That doesn't sound very brave..."
—Ali tells Littlefoot about Rhett

Cera: (After everyone runs around laughing) "Come on, guys, you're supposed to be scared. (Walks over to Chomper) And you're supposed to be scar-y."
—Cera directing the fake Sharptooth attack

Petrie: (About Chomper) "He hungry! Me scared!"
Ducky: I am even more scareded-ed!
—Ducky and Petrie in the fake Sharptooth attack

Chomper: (Tearfully) "Please... don't hurt me."
Old One: (Gasps) "A talking Sharptooth? I've never heard of such a thing!"
-Chomper pleads to Ali's herd

Littlefoot: "Hey, Rhett. Want to play tag?"
Rhett: "But, I made up all my adventures..."
Littlefoot: "It doesn't mean we all can't have new adventures."



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