"The Amazing Threehorn Girl" is a song from The Land Before Time TV series.


After Cera explains to the others that she knocked some rocks down by accident, and frightened the belly draggers away, they misunderstand, and believe that she planned to do so. Word quickly spreads throughout the Great Valley of Cera's supposed courageous deed, and the adults all express their delight by showering Cera with treestars as she and her friends walk down a "hallway" created by two rows of trees, during which time the song is sung. This song has the tune of "Beyond the Mysterious Beyond".

The song, "The Amazing Threehorn Girl" is the first and only song joining "Is It True She Lied" as the second and only song which the adults get to sing in the episode, "The Amazing Threehorn Girl" because Petrie tells them that Cera is a hero for frightening the Belly Draggers away by setting off a rock slide by accident before getting away as her friends called the adults for help.


Chorus of adult Dinosaurs'

Hail the amazing threehorn girl

She drove the sharptooth all away

Her mighty courage saved the day

She is our hero now


Who would have thought a task so big

Could be done by one so small


But now we know she's strong and brave

she really has it all

Chorus of adults

So hail the amazing threehorn girl

Amazing threehorn girl

And tell her story near and far

Because of how impressed we are

She is our shining star

The amazing threehorn girl

All hail, the amazing threehorn girl


- The Amazing Threehorn Girl is the second redirected reprise of "Beyond the Mysterious Beyond" from The Land Before Time VII: The Stone of Cold Fire. (The first one is Above the Mysterious Above)

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