"The Amazing Threehorn Girl" is the nineteenth episode of The Land Before Time. It originally aired on February 16, 2008.


The episode starts with the gang running from two Belly Draggers (Sarcosuchus). Cera gets separated from the others and ends up trapped, but she accidentally sets off a rock slide that frightens the two Belly Draggers away. When she finds the gang and tells them about it, Petrie flies around telling everyone in the valley, and suddenly everyone thinks Cera is a hero, even when she insists she isn't. However, the Belly Draggers return, and they've brought friends.

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The Amazing Threehorn Girl has a current rating of 8.3/10 at, based on 4 votes.


  • In this episode, the songs are only sung by the adult characters.
  • In this episode, the Belly Draggers are only seen on dry land, wheras all other Belly Dragger varieties have always been shown in the water.


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