Page Split?

Something that's been on my mind lately is that although Kosh is generally accepted to be Mr. Clubtail in the fandom, it never is actually confirmed in episode. The reason why this concerns me is that there is actually evidence that he is not the same dinosaur as Mr. Clubtail. For one, the children seem to know Mr. Clubtail well enough to recognize him and call him by name. If Kosh were Mr. Clubtail, it is likely the children would call him this, however the children do not act as if they know Kosh. Second, Rob Paulsen voiced Mr. Clubtail for the 11th and 12th films, both released shortly before the release of the television series. If they intended for Kosh to be Mr. Clubtail, they could have easily got Rob to voice him as he is also the voice for Spike and many other characters.

I'm not saying Kosh isn't Mr. Clubtail, but there seems to be enough evidence against it to suggest the page be split into two so viewers can come up with their own thoughts on the matter. Perhaps in the trivia it could say something like "It is possible that Kosh is the same dinosaur as Mr. Clubtail, but this is not confirmed." There could also even be a "Public Dispute" section in the article like Cera's. Thoughts? -- Apple 05:29, November 21, 2012 (UTC)

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