Swooper, voiced by Jess Harnell, is a blind, elderly pterosaur, believed by some fans to be a Harpactognathus who Petrie and Guido meet in Black Rock in the Land Before Time TV series episode "The Hermit of Black Rock".


When Petrie and Guido fall into Black Rock, and try to find a way out, they come across a grove of treestars. As they eat them, Swooper shows up and introduces himself, together with his two friends "Cliff" and "Abby" (who are in fact, rocky pillars). Guido gets the idea to have Swooper fly Petrie and himself back to the Great Valley, and upon hearing a description of the valley, Swooper decides he would like to live there, and agrees to go. Although he has hardly flown in many years, Swooper eventually becomes airborne, and with teamwork from the children, he makes it to the Great Valley with them. Swooper then resides in the Great Valley.


  • Swooper is the first character to appear the franchise that is fully blind.


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