"Standing Tough" is a song from The Land Before Time III: The Time of the Great Giving. It is song by the character, Topsy, to reinforce on the other residents of the Great Valley their need to be "tough", in order to survive the recent shortage of water in the valley.


After Littlefoot tells his grandparents that he is thirsty, they take him down to the river to have a drink, despite it not yet being their time of the day, to drink their rations of water. Topsy shows up and points this out; dismissing Grandpa Longneck's protest that it is not fair to include the children in the rationing system, and saying that it is a choice of fairness or survival. He then sings about how important it is to be tough in hard times, such as a water shortage.


Topsy Spoken: There is no fair, when it comes to survival.

When life is tough
You gotta be tougher
If you wanna stay alive
When the trail gets rough
You gotta get rougher
To help your family survive
You can’t run around in circles
Wondering what to do
Someone's gotta be the voice of reason
Is it you, or you, or you?
When things around us are going bad
We all better be strong
We could lose everything we have
If this goes on too long
Don’t stand around here talking!
I say that's not enough
No tears, no sighs
Don't close your eyes
We gotta stand tough
I used to hear my father say
"Stand and fight, don't run away"
He made me what I am today
I'm here
And I'm tough
When times are hard
You better be harder
You don't know what's in store
You think you're smart?
You gotta be smarter than you ever were before
You say I'm mean
You say why bother?
Well, I have a daughter
And I'm her father
I'm gonna make sure
We all have water enough
That's why I'm tough
I'm standing tough!
We've got to stand tough
You don't like it?

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