Scuttle 2




Eye color





Water greens (Kelp)

Voice actor

Kevin Michael Richardson

First appearance

"March of the Sand Creepers"

Last appearance

"March of the Sand Creepers"

Scuttle, voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson, is a character in the Land Before Time television series. He is a crab, which is referred to as a "Sand Creeper" by the characters in the series, and first appeared in the episode "March of the Sand Creepers". In that episode, when the rest of his herd travels to the Great Valley in fear of an oozing volcano next to their lagoon, the main characters ask him to tell the Sand Creepers that it is safe to return. The character's name was likely inspired by the character Scuttle the Seagull, from Disney's The Little Mermaid.



Scuttle is very fond of telling long stories about his past experiences, although when he tells these stories to the main characters, they (especially Cera) find them boring. He also does not appear to like living up to his word, as when he promises to go to the Great Valley to tell the other Sand Creepers that their home is safe, in exchange for the children fetching him food from a whirlpool, he continues to stall on the matter by asking them to get more and more of the kelp from the pool, and by telling more of his stories. He finally relents when Cera growls at him that no one will be there to listen to his stories if he does not cooperate with them and bring the Sand Creepers back.

Scuttle also seems to have a caring, if not somewhat eccentric, side to his personality, as when the children think he is trapped on a rock surrounded by lava, and make a bridge for him with a log, he pushes it into the lava to protect them, being convinced that they were going to cross it themselves.


As Scuttle is able to speak both the Sand Creeper language (which consists of snapping their claws) and the leaf eater language of the dinosaurs, he is one of only three bilingual characters in the Land Before Time series, together with Chomper (who speaks Leaf Eater and Sharptooth) and Mo (who speaks a broken Leaf Eater, and fluent swimmer). When speaking Leaf Eater (heard as English to the viewer), Scuttle speaks with a grizzled sea farer's voice and frequently using sea slang, similarly to Mr. Krabs from SpongeBob SquarePants.


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