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Ruby's parents are characters who appear in The Star Day Celebration and Return to Hanging Rock episodes of the TV series. Ruby's father is voiced by Rob Paulsen while her mother is voiced by Nika Futterman.


Ruby's parents are both "Fast Runners" (Oviraptor), with Ruby's mother being pink with red feathers, and Ruby's father being purple with dark blue feathers, respectively.


They know that Ruby must leave them to bring Chomper to the Great Valley, for her and Chomper's safety. Showing they are protective of their children.


Thy first appear in The Star Day Celebration in multiple flashbacks. Every year, they celebrate Ruby's Star Day. The last Stay Day in which they see her is the day that she must bring Chomper to the Great Valley. Red Claw, and his two subordinates Screech and Thud appear shortly after. Ruby and Chomper have to leave quickly. Ruby's Parents flee with their other two children.

They later appear in Return to Hanging Rock. Ruby wants to see her parents again, so she heads to Hanging Rock. Her parents go there during dangerous meteor showers.  Ruby's Parents and their offspring appear as Ruby and the gang arrive. They are very happy to finally see Ruby again. Ruby sings "I Feel So Happy" until she is is cut off midway through the song by the sound of Red Claw. Ruby and the rest of the gang must leave, so they leave Hanging Rock, and Ruby's Parents head back deeper into the Mysterious Beyond.

It is possible that they don't live in the same place but instead migrate.   This can be surmised from the fact that Ruby went looking for them at Hanging Rock when she guessed they'd be there, but, presumably, hadn't gone looking for them beforehand, because she didn't know where they were and the risk of running across Red Claw was too great.