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Peteinosaurus (pronounced /pɛˌtaɪnəˈsɔːrəs/; meaning "winged lizard") was a prehistoric genus of Pterosauria. It was known to live in the Late Triassic Period, around 221 to 210 million years ago.

Though not the earliest Pterosaur known, with Early Triassic relatives, it was one of the very earliest Pterosaurs to become widely successful, clearly establishing reptiles as 'the new masters of the air. It was a comparatively small Pterosaur of the characteristic long-tailed Rhamphorhynchids, at around 40-60 centimetres in wingspan. Its diet would have consisted largely of insects, such as Dragonflies, due to its tiny but very sharp needle-like teeth.

The Land Before Time

Peteinosaurus briefly appears as an enemy in The Land Before Time: Into the Mysterious Beyond. They are found in the first area of the game, where they fly up and down in one spot, usually in a chasm, waiting for the player to run into them, causing damage. However, the player can kill them by jumping on their back. They can even act as an extra boost across a chasm if a tree isn't pushed down across it.


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