"On Your Own" is a song from The Land Before Time VI: The Secret of Saurus Rock.


Littlefoot is grumpy at the way the adults in the Great Valley are accusing Doc, The Lone Dinosaur, for bringing the recent string of misfortune to the Great Valley, when he knows that it was brought on when he and the others were rescuing Cera's niece and nephew Dinah & Dana on Saurus Rock, and accidentally knocked off one of the stone teeth around its neck. Determined not to let them ban Doc from the Great Valley, as Littlefoot is idolizing the older longneck (Sauropod), Littlefoot remembers what Doc had said when he inquired about his beliefs on luck, "Change what you can, accept what you can't."

Littlefoot gets the idea to retrieve a tooth from an Allosaurus which had fallen into a ravine the day before, while chasing the main characters. He plans to take the tooth to Saurus Rock, and implant it into the neck of the formation, as a replacement for the stone one, which had fallen and broken. On his way to the ravine, he begins to talk out loud to himself, admonishing the others, and convincing himself that he does not need anyone else in his life; he is now becoming a lone dinosaur himself. He then begins to sing a song about the freedoms and alleged glamour of living on your own, drifting from one community to another, helping those in need, and only having your shadow as consistent company. As the song progresses, however, he acknowledges the negative side to a solo lifestyle, most primarily the occasional loneliness one in such a situation might feel.

Later, during the climax, he realizes that he is way in over his head after he is attacked by the Allosaurus again after it woke up. After evading it, he runs into a Tyrannosaurus. At that point, he admits that he does not want to be a lone dinosaur anymore.


When you're on your own, life is so exciting
When you're on your own, the world is big and wide
You can do what you want, and go where you like
With just your shadow by your side

When you're on your own, you can yell and laugh and holler
When you're on your own, you're feeling strong and free
You can play all night, and sleep all day
And be whatever you want to be
You can be a hero, bold and brave
With lots of grand adventures, and the whole world to save

When you're on your own, you have to be the grown-up
'Cause there's no one there to tell you what to do
But you miss your friends when daylight ends
And there's no one there to care for you
It's kind of lonely
When you're on your own
When you're on your own
On your own

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