The song, "Must Believe" is a song sung by Chomper and Littlefoot in the episode "The Legend of the Story Speaker" when they followed Saro, an old friend of Grandpa Longneck through a rocky canyon until an Earthshake filled with over 100m rocks crashed down on the side which they will never get out in time and also a blockage of rocks on the other side. After the song and a few minutes calling for help, Grandpa Longneck and the kids (Cera, Ducky, Ruby, Spike and Petrie) removed the rocks and they reunite Littlefoot, Chomper and Saro until Grandpa Longneck tells Saro that he will be the new story speaker. The cause of the Earthshake is that Saro could be the key dinosaur behind it which he stomped his feet when the two kids were with him in the dark, not wanting to be the story speaker but he did.


We will be okay
Maybe we can climb over

There's no way
We might be stuck here forever

Chomper, just take a deep breath
and calm down

I don't think I can
It's dark and it's stuffy

Close your eyes
Think of a sky filled with puffies
until we can find our way
out of here

But what if you
can't dig out of these rocks?
What will we do to survive?

We will make it home alive
You must believe
We must believe we'll suceed

I hope you're right


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