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Minmi paravertebra

Minmi (named after Minmi Crossing in Australia) is a genus of ankylosaur from Early Cretaceous Australia. It holds the distinction of having one of the shortest names of any dinosaur at five letters. It was the first ankylosaur discovered in the Southern Hemisphere. Its species name, paravertebra, comes from the fact that it was found with horizontal plates of bone that ran along the sides of its vertebrae. It was formally known as the most complete ankylosaur. However, the skeleton in question became a new species, Kunbarrasaurus, in 2015.

In The Land Before Time

Minmi TLBT
Minmi Ingame

Minmi Ingame

Minmi appears as an enemy in The Land Before Time for the Gameboy Advance. It is inaccurately portrayed as being able to roll up into a ball like an armadillo. It is the first enemy encountered in the third area of the game, Tall Mountains. It will walk back and forth until it sees the player, with it then rolling up into a ball and rolling towards the player in an attempt to to hit them. It has to be hit on the back three times in order to be defeated. It gives the player 300 points when defeated.

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