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Microraptor was a small dromaeosaur from early Cretaceous China.

Like the Archaeopteryx, Microraptor was covered in black, pennaceous feathers. Though scientists do not believe it could "fly" in the sense of powered flight, they do believe that a Microraptor was capable of gliding from tree to tree, like some modern flying squirrels do. By most scientists it is believed to be of the branch of dinosaurs that evolved into birds.

It is among the smallest types of currently known dinosaurs, at around 2 feet (62 cm) long. Though traditionally shown expanding its wings during a glide, some studies have shown that it most likely held down its legs while aloft.

Microraptor in The Land Before Time

Guido, a character within The Land Before Time, is a Microraptor gui.

Guido is one such Microraptor (known as a "Glider" in dinosaur terminology), specifically a Microraptor gui. He appears in The Land Before Time XII: The Great Day of the Flyers, and the TV series episode The Hermit of Black Rock.

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