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  • It’s too distinct to be an animation error.

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  • No large animal has a pink variant. Parasaurolophus can be forgiven because of subspecies.

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    • You can't fix stupid when the system cannot counter first grade anti trolling methods.

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  • Back before they banned me (either as LittlefootAndAliTogether or as Ruby2), we had a discussion asking why they didn't make the five main characters Sharpteeth and they replied that nobody would like a show where all the main characters were meat eaters.  Unfortunately, at the time, I didn't have a comeback.  But now I do: what about the Lion King?    (They might in the Lion Guard, which I haven't seen other than a clip or two.)

    However, this still stands true:

    Simba - Sharptooth

    Nala - Sharptooth

    Mufasa - Sharptooth

    Scar - Sharptooth

    Sarabi - Sharptooth

    Zazu - Sharpbeak

    Timon - Sharptooth

    Pumba - Sharptooth/Insectivore

    Hyenas - Sharpteeth

    Lionesses - Sharpteeth

    Zira - Sharptooth

    Kovu - Sharptooth

    Nuka - Sharptooth

    Vitani - Sharptooth

    Vitani - Sharpooth

    Kiara - Sharptooth

    Crocodiles - Belly Draggers 

    Come to think of it, I can only think of ONE major character who is clearly a Flattooth - Rafiki.  

    I think there was a very minor character (a gopher) that spoke to Mufasa in the first movie, and I think some herbivores sang in "I Just Can't Wait to Be King" and "Not One of Us" but, apart from Rafiki, that was about it.

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  • I didn't even know that they were Jedi.

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  • If he's unblocked, maybe it will let me post.

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  • I didn't think I'd end up having to do this, but

    I know we all really dislike Jack, but swearing in a block summary is a bridge too far; you've been blocked for three days.

    Your message wall has been left open so you can still communicate with us.

    EDIT: a week might be much, changed to three days

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    • Normally I would argue that the block should only be a day since it is just the result of years of frustration not being able to get rid of him but since I don't know how to block for longer then a year I kinda deserve a full week for making his block so short.

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    • Lol his block sure did not last as long as mine XD Bu dum dee TIS.

      lol anyway maybe they should include a censor bar in block logs as you never know what details there will be.

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  • I was going to restart it near the beginning of The Mysterious Island, only it would actually start the night before where Littlefoot had a Sleep Story where his mother visits him in his dream and tells him that he may have the chance to change things such so that some Longnecks like her won't get killed in the future.   She also warns that he is running out of time.

    He would wake up the next morning confused and tell his friends the Sleep Story, but they'd just shrug it off.  Then the same incident would happen with the Swarf Leaf Gobblers and the Valley would be out of green food.  

    However, once more, the night before they leave the Great Valley, he has a dream where his mother again tells him to hurry, and this time he sees the Mysterious Island in it but doesn't know where it is or if it's even real.

    They set off and things transpire as usual.  However, in this version, when the herds are about to split, Littlefoot seems ready to reluctantly accept it, having enough sense from his trip in the Mysterious Beyond in the first movie, plus the lack of food and, it would seem, water, around them, that wandering off on his own with his friends would almost certainly lead them to a terrible death, and that it would be better to part from them forever than for all of them to die a horrible death together.

    However,once more, his mother would visit him in his dream and he'd see the Mysterious Island once more.  This time, his mother would tell him to take his friends and head out a look for the place and that listening to his heart would bring him to it and that bringing his friends would also help keep the herds together.

    So when he wakes up in the middle of the night, he would take them with him.  They would be skeptical of his dream, but glad for an excuse to stay together.

    The next morning, they'd encounter the Big Water and nearly want to give up, until which Spike would spot the Mysterious Island (which wouldn't be an island) and would alert Littlefoot to it, who would say that they HAD to go that way because it was the way his mother wanted them to go.

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    • Eventually, they'd reach the island, but the tsunami would wipe out the land bridge, at least bad enough to make it impossible for the kids to cross.   So they'd do the same stuff they did in Mysterious Island, eventually ending the day with them singing Always There, and this time, the part where he mentions his mother would have a lot more meaning.

      He'd get another dream from her, telling him that  he needed to hurry or that he'd be too late.  When Littlefoot would ask for more information about what she was talking about, she'd yell "Run!  Run!" and he'd wake up and see Chomper's shadow.

      I think we showed what happened after that and how he found out Chomper had attacked them and had killed Leaf Eaters in the past.

      Throughout this movie, Chomper would wonder if he should be a nice Sharptoth or a regular one, especially since he realizes that his parents are trapped on the island (the kids forget to meniton that they know where the land bridge was.)  

      Eventually, Chomper would decide to be nice after Littlefoot & Co save him from the Plated Sharptooth, who, being hungry too, had tried to kill Chomper.  At this, the parents come in to help defend Chomper and the kids and the same fight transpires and Plates goes into the water along with Chomper.

      Agian, Littlefoot would save them, but this time, they would almost be done in by the Swimming Sharptooth and Plates, but this time Plates and the Swimming Sharptooth would fight each other (presumably over who got Litltefoot and Chomper) and, since Plates didn't do as well in water, he lost and got eaten by the Swimmiing Sharptooth.  

      Littlefoot would use the opportunity of the fight distraction to take himself and Chomper to shore.  He'd then take Chomper's parents to the land bridge, hoping that mabye they could get him over and they could as it was only six feet deep (which was too deep for the kids but not for adult rexes.) 

      The arrival of Chomper's parents on the other side woudl freak the adults out and they'd run (well, most of them, as Topps and Grandpa Longneck would remain behind to fight and be told by Littlefoot that Chomper was nice and Chomper's parents, though not friendly Sharpteeth,, already agreed not to attack them.

      The other adults, meanwhile, find all of the green food and soon learn from Grandpa Longneck and Mr. Threehorn that the Sharpteeth aren't going to attack them.

      While Chomper's parents go off, looking for food, as they had promised not to eat the Great Valley herd, and presumably find it, as they later come back happy, Chomper meets the Great Valley adults.

      Eventually,  Chomper's parents come back to take him somewhere else, as they were tired of living on the island, especially since it was harder to get to now, and Chomper said that they hoped that they'd meet again.  (And they eventually could, in some other sequel.)

      And eventually the adults would go back to the Great Valley once the green food had regrown there.  

      And since Chomper would now be nice, they had saved the lives of many Leaf Eaters that he woud otherwise possibly kill (BTW, at some point after Chomper had left, another tsunami happened , once more revealing the land bridge (and giving the adults access to yet MORE food.)  thus revealing that Chomper could have left, a mean Sharptooht, and not died on the Island of hunger.  But since Littlefoot interviened, Chomper was now nice.

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    • It might take me a couple days to read all that, then I will get back to you.

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