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"March of the Sand Creepers" is the twenty-third episode of The Land Before Time TV series. It originally aired on June 8th, 2007.

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As the main characters are eating, Ducky notices something moving in a nearby bush, and investigates. She discovers a small creature, identified to be a "Sand Creeper" (crab) and follows it, quickly discovering a whole fleet of them.

Although Ducky immediately grows fond of them, the other children and the adults get annoyed by the noise of their claws clicking (their way of communication) and by their helter-skelter movement. Ducky brings it upon herself to teach the Sand Creepers how to co-exist with the dinosaurs, and to calm them down when they get excited and talkative, while the other children follow the trail of the migrating Sand Creepers have left, to see why they left their home.

The children gaze out at the Sand Creepers' home.

When they get there, they realize that the Sand Creepers were frightened away by a smoking mountain (volcano) oozing lava into their waters.

They find that one of them is still on a rock, surrounded by the lava. Trying to help him, they form a bridge with a log, but he mistakes them to be trying to cross it themselves, and pushes it into the lava for their own safety ( calling it as a denial).

He then flings himself over to the land, lands on Cera's nose which Cera got very angry with him while Littlefoot tells her to calm down and introduces himself as Scuttle, explaining that he is the only Sand Creeper in his herd who can speak the leaf eating dinosaurs' language.

When Scuttle tells the children that the volcano has calmed down, they become hopeful, and ask him to come to the Great Valley and inform the Sand Creepers. He stalls on this, asking the children to fetch him mounds of water greens (kelp) to eat, and telling them a few long boring stories about his experiences.

During the fetching of water greens, Cera wants to try it out first but suddenly, she gets caught in a whirlpool and it goes around in circles, fearing Littlefoot and Petrie that their friend will drown as of the result.

The incident turns bad when Cera disappears in the whirlpool and Littlefoot and Petrie fear for the worst, but Cera then pops out of the water covered in the water greens hoping that she would never go in there. But she is soon wrong when Scuttle gives her and the gang another request to get more water greens "a yay high".

However, after getting the water greens Scuttle asks for yet another favor which is to build him a nest (which at this point causes Littlefoot to start losing his patience). Enraged, Cera blows up on Scuttle and after bickering she demands that he go to the Great Valley, pointing out that no one will listen to his "dumb stories" if the other Sand Creepers are absent. He relents, and agrees to go with them straight away.

Back in the Great Valley, Scuttle tells the other Sand Creepers that their home is safe, and leads them away. Ducky is sorry to see them go, but Scuttle assures her that she and the others are welcome at the Sand Creeper home any time. The episode ends with Spike chasing Crunch, a Sand Creeper named so by Ducky, and who has taken a liking to pinching Spike on the nose.


"March of the Sand Creepers" has a current rating of 10/10 at, based on three votes.[1]



  • This episode's title is a parody of March of the Penguins.
  • Spike develops a dislike to Sand Creepers (particularly Crunch) as of this episode.
  • The Sand Creepers know Ducky as "Smiley Softshell" as of this episode.
  • This is the first appearance of Scuttle the talking Sand Creeper.
  • Scuttle is also the name of the talking seagull friend in Disney's The Little Mermaid.
  • Scuttle is voiced by Kevin Michael Richardson the same actor for Gantu in Lilo and Stitch both movies and TV series alike.


Ducky: Maybe they are just looking for a safe way to live the Great Valley has always welcomed strangers. It would not be right to chase them away. No no no.
Grandpa Longneck: Well said, Ducky.
Topsy: Well, I will give them a few days but if things don't get better soon out they go.
Cera: He did that on purpose.
Scuttle: That I did.
Littlefoot: [to Cera] You've got the water greens.
Cera: Yeah, now GET THEM OFF ME!
Littlefoot: Let's get going.
Scuttle: Slow down. I need to make one small favor. 
[Littlefoot looks irritated]
Scuttle: I want you to build me a nest, see.
Cera: [wide-eyed, angry] WHAT?!
Scuttle: But not just any old nest...
Cera: [furious] That DOES IT! Of all the mean and nasty low-down creepy-crawlers!
Scuttle: [angry] And you, lassie! You got a tongue as sharp as your horn and your heart twice as hard!
Cera: Sneaky!
Scuttle: Stubborn!
Cera: Liar!
Scuttle: Loudmouth!
Cera: You have to go to the Great Valley!
Scuttle: Why should I?
Cera: Because without the other Sand Creepers, WHO'S GONNA LISTEN TO YOUR DUMB STORIES?!
Scuttle: [taken back] Well, you've got me!



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