The following is a listed description of the criteria all species articles in Land Before Time Wiki should strive to attain.

Order of Sections

  • Intro and infobox - The infobox should be detailed, and have an image to give an immediate illustration of the subject discussed in the article. The intro's content should give a short introduction to the subject, and then should briefly summarize the rest of the article.
  • Description - This is where a description of the species is given, including the estimated sizes, shapes, and characteristics of the creatures in this species.
  • Classification - In this section, information on the ordering of the species, and what groups it is connected to or belongs in, is given. Any appropriate subsections may be added in here, for organization, as well.
  • History - In this section, the history of the knowledge of this species, such as the discovery and naming, the earliest finds and most notably found specimens, and such, is added in. If necessary, these parts may be put into separate subsections within the article.
  • Paleobiology - In this section, information on the approximate existence of the species, such as the paleoecology, feeding and growth stages, or any other available information, may be given on th especies, in separate subsections.
  • Cultural Influence - If the species has had any influence on culture aside from in The Land Before Time, it may be listed in bulletin or paragraph form, or in both, within this section.
    • (Species name) in The Land Before Time - In this subsection, the appearances of this species in The Land Before Time series are given.
  • References - The list of sources provided in the inline citations within the article.
  • Further reading - If there are any paperback sources of information on the species which coule prove useful to readers, they may be listed here.
  • External links - Any relevant links to other sites, regarding information on the species, may be included here.

Necessary criteria for a Featured Article

All of the given criteria, with the exception of "Cultural Influence" (note that in this section's absence, the subsection "(Species name) in The Land Before Time" must still be present) and "Further reading" is required in a species article, before it can be considered for Featured Status. Although the other sections mentioned above are all necessary, note, however, that not always will the subsections that can be added within them be attainable, based on the quantity of content in the sections. Nonetheless, a Featured Species article should be well-illustrated, and educative on the topic and its usage in The Land Before Time series, and be well-cited to verify the information in the article. It should also be well and appropriately-categorized.

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