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This is the criteria a location article should meet before it is declared a Good Article. A Featured Article should extensively meet this criteria, and be well-illustrated, well-categorized, and use good grammar.

Order of Sections

  • Intro and infobox - The article should start off with an intro which briefly but tactfully summarizes the rest of the article. It should also have an infobox, (Template:The Land Before Time location) with an image of the location portrayed in the article and a full list of the times the location is shown or mentioned.
  • Description - This section is to describe in detail the appearance of the location, where it is located, and other information about it.
  • History - This is the section in which the times the location has been seen or mentioned in the series is described. The history should give enough information for a detailed summary on the happenings surrounding the location, but not deter too far towards parts of the plot in which the location is not featured.
  • Populations - This section is to put details of what species live in the location. This is only needed for larger locations that can hold a community such as The Land of Mists and The Great Valley.
  • Reception - In the "Reception" section, the information consists of how the critics and reviewers responded to the location in the film or episode.
  • Trivia - After this point, any remaining trivia about the location which does not exactly fit into any of the other sections should be included in a section called either "Notes", or "Trivia".
  • Quotes - In this section, a collection of statements, or "quotes" said about the location are gathered.
  • Gallery - An optional section; this section will include images of screenshots of the specific location which is featured in the article. Any images used in other articles, which are also screenshots of the specific place, may be reused in this section as well.
  • References - This section is where all of the cited references in earlier sections of the article are summarized.
  • External Links - Any other links about the article, for further reading, may be collected here.

Sections which are absolutely necessary for a good location article

  • Intro and infobox
  • Description
  • History