A Featured topic is a category which contains a large amount of Featured Articles and Featured Images, all revolving around a particular topic involved with The Land Before Time series.

When a category qualifies as a Featured topic

Initially, a Featured topic should contain a minimum of five Featured Articles, as well as a minimum of five Featured Images. An example: Category:Main Characters meets the qualifications, as there are at least five Featured articles in that category, and at least five Featured images.

Variations on this theme

If a certain category involves only articles associated with a particular Land Before Time topic, it can still be a Featured topic if there are Featured images in a sub-category. An example: Category:Land Before Time Movies contains only articles about movies, but if its sub-category: Category:Movie screenshots, has a minimum of five Featured images, it can still be a Featured topic (so long as it holds at least five Featured articles).

Rules for promotion

Unlike when promoting articles or images to Featured Status, you do not need to hold a discussion for promoting categories to Featured Status, because the rules for qualification are obvious and simple. When you find that a category and/or a sub-category meet the criteria, add Template:Featured topic to the Category page. Next, add Template:FT-class below the description of the category. If it is a Featured topic involving a category and a subcategory (such as Land Before Time Movies/Movie Screenshots) then add Template:Shared FT-class where Template:FT-class would have been placed.

Showing off Featured topics

With Featured articles and Featured images, one article and one image are selected to appear on the Main Page each month, in the "Featured Article of the Month" and "Featured Picture of the Month" boxes. However, with featured topics, once they are acknowledged as Featured topics, they are all shown together in the "Featured topics" box on the main page.

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