This section of Land Before Time Wiki is for original characters, meaning characters that have been invented by fans of The Land Before Time for use in their fan-fictions, Role-Playing Games, or other non-canon media.

Important: Please Read

The following rules must be followed in order to post pages this section:

1) What's written in the OC section stays in the OC section. This subsection of the wiki must not in any way mesh with the canon mainstream article-space. You cannot link to your OC page from the canon articles, or mention any of the non-canon content in the canon articles. You can, however, link to and from other OC and fanfiction pages, and you may link to canon articles from your OC page. Actually, we prefer that you do.

2) Only fanon characters, not story-less ones. In order for a character to earn a page in this section, that character must appear in at least one Land Before Time fanfiction, RPG, or other type of story. This isn't for some character that you thought up while reading this page. Write them a story first, or play them in an RPG, and include only what information is gleaned from the story/RPG.

2.5) Link to their adventures! If you write an awesome character, people might want to read more. At the bottom of every character page, provide links to any fanfics, RPGs, artwork, or other stories that the character appears in.

3) Original means you thought of it. Or another Land Before Time enthusiast. Not characters from another franchise. For example, if you write a fanfic about Land Before Time meeting Alvin and the Chipmunks, the Chipmunks do not get an OC page here.

4) All OC pages start with [[Land Before Time Wiki/OC/Character Name Here]] This is to ensure that the OC page stays in the OC namespace.

5) Don't forget categories and images! All OC pages should be in Category:OC, regardless of content. In addition, add any other categories that may apply, such as [[Category:Human OCs]], [[Category:Gang of Five OCs]], etc.

6) Add Template:OC and Template:Non-Canon to all OC character pages.

Also, please try to use correct Wiki formatting. If you need help on that, feel free to contact an admin, or just see how it's done on other pages. If you get stuck, it may be easiest to copy another OC page completely and simply substitute the relevant parts.

I'm going out on a limb even permitting this, so please try and help me out as much as possible. Follow the rules I laid out! Thank you.

To start your first OC character page, type the character name at the end of the code in this box and click "Create":

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