"It Takes All Sorts" is a song from the fourth The Land Before Time film, The Land Before Time IV: Journey through the Mists. It is the third song sung in the film, and is sung by Littlefoot, Cera, Ducky, Petrie, and Ali. The song is about how variation amongst creatures adds flavor to life on earth.


After Ali has rescued Cera from the rapids she had fallen into in the Land of Mists, she tells the others that because her herd migrates so frequently, she has only ever become acquainted with her own kind; longnecks. She then tells them that their experiences together have taught her that having friendships with diverse species is better, and begins a song about how different sorts of creatures help make life interesting. After she has sung the first verse, the others excluding Spike and Tickles (both of whom are mute and thus unable to sing) then join in. "It Takes All Sorts", along with "Friends For Dinner" and "The Legend of the Lone Dinosaur", are the songs in the bonus features of the 2003 DVD release of The Land Before Time.


It takes all sorts
to make a world
Short and tall sorts
large and small sorts
To fill this pretty planet
with love and laughter
To make it great to live in
tomorrow and the day after

It takes all types
without a doubt
Dumb and wise types
every size types
To do all the things
that need to be done

Cera and Petrie join in
To make our life fun
Find our place in the sun


And the brightest way
the rightest way

According to reports is simply to
take all sorts

It takes all sorts
to make our day

Smart and slow sorts

High and low sorts

Ali and Cera
To make the world we live in
a place worth being
to try and make our future
a future really worth seeing

We need all types to make our way

Tried and true types

Me and you types

To create a world
that's truly worthwhile
That knows how to smile
how to do things in style

So the surest
and securest way
which everyone supports is simply to

Take all sorts

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